Ready to Review - Key Changes

Hello Explorers,

This post is a snapshot of what you can expect with our new Onboarding and Review Flow. Hope you all have a fun and refreshing reviewing experience. We're excited to receive your feedback.



Everyone will have the opportunity to check out our new onboarding. This replaces the previous experience of becoming an Explorer, including the test! Please include all feedback, comments, etc about the new onboarding HERE.


We're excited to share some major changes to the layout and scoring of the new review experience. Please make sure to put aside your reviewing muscle memory as you adjust to the new and improved experience.

  • What stayed the same?
    • The Criteria. There have been NO CHANGES to the criteria you are using
    • Main and supporting photo
    • Title, description, and supporting comments
    • The map with satellite and StreetView (use the peg man) to check and view the location
    • Ability to move the pin and check a nomination as a duplicate
  • What has changed?
    • The 5-star rating is gone. There are now 3 options (thumb up, thumb down, and I don't know).
    • "Thumbs down" or "I Don't Know" can bring up more options. For example:
      • There is no longer a single reject option at the start of reviewing. 
      • “Other Rejection Criteria” as a rejection reason, has gone.
    • A series of questions ask if the nomination is - 
      • An appropriate location?
      • A safe location?
      • Is the information location/text/photos accurate/good quality?
      • Is the nomination permanent and distinct?
      • And there are questions to check if it is a place to socialize, exercise, explore.
    • Clicking on the Information symbol at the end of some questions will bring up details to help explain the question further.
    • There is a new optional question about the approximate number of people that could potentially gather at this location
    • There is no overall comments box.

We would like your feedback on the reviewing experience and have provided several threads to provide a structure. Here are some that we started but feel free to add your own if you feel your matter isn't covered.

  • Thumbs Up - changes/features that are improving your experience Link
  • Thumbs Down - It is new and it wont suit everyone - changes/features you don’t like Link
  • Bugs - Things can go wrong, report any glitches/bugs


It is new and you may have questions. How do I... Where is... Why is it... Ambassadors are just one step ahead and if you know the answer please do post to help fellow Explorers.

Help! Is a thread to ask questions about using the new interface

Top tip: Take your time to get used to the changes. As you work through nominations you will become more and more familiar with the new layout and scoring.

Again, thank you all for your feedback that made this possible. We're excited to hear your thoughts and feedback about this new experience.

Safe Exploring!

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