UK Postbox appeal rejected....

Title of the Wayspot: GR5 Postbox - Bilton Road

Location: [Lat/Long]: 51.54115,-0.324419

City: [City] London

Country: [Country] United Kingdom

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: [Attach Screenshot]

Photos to support your claim: [Attach photo]

Additional information: [If you have more explanations, add them here]

GR5 isn't a regular postbox, it has historical and cultural significance. Historical England shows that there are 115,000 postboxes that exist in the UK ( Whilst George V postboxes make up 15% of what has been installed, it still represents a significantly small number of postboxes that are installed (17,250 if my maths is correct). Whilst I may understand the argument that they are common, they are not as widespread compared to Queen Elizabeth Postboxes which accounts for 60% of postboxes (69,000).

I know there were discussions surrounding the acceptance of GR5 postboxes a while ago, but if there is an updated guidelines that specifically says that GR5 postboxes are no longer accepted, I am willing to accept it and not submit these any more.


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