Springport Post Office

Title of the Wayspot: Springport Post Office

Location: 42.378887 / -84.698858

City: Springport MI 49284

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

intel.ingress.com w/IITC overlay showing pokestop's range

As you can see, its range overlaps almost the entire fire department driveway.

Overhead in Google Maps

Street View (looking South; red arrow points North)

Additional information: PoGO players stop on driveway of Fire Dept to spin the stop, obstructing emergency traffic. There are 2 other portals in that L17 S2 cell (public library and FD memorial bell) that can NOT be reached from the fire department's driveway. This stop should be removed, portal disabled, and next-highest-ranked portal converted to the pokestop or pokegym in that L17 S2 cell, instead.




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