suggestion so that in a cell S2 there can be more than one pokestop

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My suggestion for NIANTIC is that there are places where there are quite a few interesting things to order and since there is a restriction on just one pokestop or gym, the rest are left in other games.

Furthermore, I have seen that GO players are the ones asking for those points and it seems unfair to those players that their proposals are not in the game from which they were requested.

So the suggestion I make is why not change the S2 level 17 cell to a level 18 cell and thus give yourself the chance to have more pokestop options. Likewise, I don't see that this would affect it since there would be enough space between each one and thus people would request their requests in the correct places and would not have to move them from their place due to the limitation of the cell.

Let's remember that in Pokémon Go you also need quite a few resources to continue advancing.

Thank you for your attention and I hope this can reach the person in charge of this at NIANTIC

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