Non stop cool downs

I have been hitting a cool down every day multiple times per day since the new roll out. Today I measured it, I started reviewing at 8:45 and by 9:41 I was cooled down during that time I had reviewed 38 nominations. I took two short breaks during this time, I reported 3 for abuse, marked a few as duplicates, a skip, and several approvals and rejections. I slowly hit one thumbs up at a time on approvals and carefully scrutinized my rejections.

My last review I had switched out to campfire as I got a notification from that and when I came back I slowly approved the gazebo and then promptly got a cool down. I receive no warning or notice before I am cooled down for 6 hours, I have no hope of getting my own nominations into voting without an upgrade and yet someone's Domino's pizza sign is in voting and I get penalized for rejecting it too quickly


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