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Buenas tardes comunidad, he notado ya desde hace unos días desde que se cambió la forma de evaluación de las nominaciones que la barra que marca el porcentaje para obtener una actualización o mejora avanzaría más lento de lo que lo hacía en el pasado, lo comento debido a que antes podía sacar una actualización en eso de un día aproximadamente, sin embargo, me ha costado mucho estos últimos días en alcanzar a cargar la barra completa para una sola actualización, ¿alguien lo ha notado? o solo es una percepción personal y puntual.

Good afternoon community, I have noticed since a few days ago since the way of evaluating the nominations was changed that the bar that marks the percentage to obtain an update or improvement would advance slower than it did in the past, I say this because before I could get an update in about a day, however, it has cost me a lot these last days in reaching to load the full bar for a single update, has anyone noticed it? or is it just a personal perception and punctual.


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    It seems nearly impossible to achieve an Upgrade now. The previous system wasn't rewarding enough and now the new system isn't rewarding at all.

    How has this been allowed to happen? It has demonstrably damaged the Wayfarer experience.

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    @smantz0rZ-PGO could you expand a little more please. I presume you are not getting many agreements?

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    I think others have done a very good job documenting this better than I could. I'll aggregate a few here and then add my 2¢:

    What has not been documented on these forums is others in my community that have found that the Upgrade meter simply isn't going up after hundreds of reviews, and we have 3 new or returning Wayfarers in my home review area in the last month.. One of them is saying "I don't know" to many things, but I'm continuing to do my best to discern the qualities of nominations and answer faithfully based on the guidance provided by Niantic. Previously, 65% of my reviews were Agreements, and the 35% that aren't include the ones unresolved nominations. Under the current system clear coal has been rejected. Clear acceptance such as community sports fields in public parks, playgrounds, etc have been accepted. One supposes that those would get a great degree of agreement from others.

    One of the clear issues I'm facing is the thousands of local reviews which never had an opportunity to reach a resolution so 'background' agreements aren't occurring, but unless those were accounting for 75% of my agreements then it would appear that the Upgrade meter isn't Upgrading. It's been 9 days of reviewing several hundred nominations without getting anywhere close to an Upgrade. Statistically speaking I should be just shy of 2 Upgrades earned by now.

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    It won't go up much for a couple weeks at least. Since everything was reset you are not getting credit for any of the reviews you previously made before they hit the reset button. in my case it is 1000's and thousands so I will lose 20+ upgrades. On top of that since nothing was in voting and everything that is left from before voting had to start from scratch I am sure there is now a back flow of stuff to be voted on which I am guessing causes each nom to be voted on less and on top of that lol since it usually takes weeks if not months or even over a year(depends on your location for me over a year) for non upgrades to be decided on you will not see agreements for reviewing those for a long time. Basically I am guessing the only agreements you are currently receiving are from upgrades and the lucky ones who are in rural areas.

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    That is the main reason I quit reviewing. It was not from my ridiculous amount of noms that were sent back to queue. 4 over a year old and I upgrade almost everything right away. I went from averaging probably 1000+ reviews a week to only reviewing before I knew they had made the change. Probably reviewed 6-7 nominations since and refuse to review until I am compensated for the very large number of upgrades that I would have received for reviewing. Ridiculous decision.

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