What is inaccurate or offensive in this title/description?

I recently submitted a new Wayspot for the welcome sign for the small town of Frontier, ND, which is located within the boundaries of Fargo, ND, which I included in the description. It was rejected today for "Title or description is inaccurate or offensive," but I'm not seeing anything that's wrong and/or offensive:

There small towns are not uncommon in rural areas, and there are a few others in the Fargo area. They have their own city governments, mayors, etc.

Could it be the use of municipality, people not knowing what the word is? Did the reviewers not even look at the map to confirm that, yes, this is actually in Frontier, and that it does exist? Could it have been auto-rejected due to Frontier having one of the zip codes of Fargo, which again is not uncommon?

Any help is appreciated!


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