Not accepted has no reason - is that normal

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I have a rejected nomination.

I am NOT interested in if a good nomination or not. It was always going to be hard one to get accepted. And I am OK with that. But if you are ever in the area. Seek it out. amazing little spot in the city

But I am intrigued why no reason given. I have refreshed multiple times but nothing appears. All my other rejctions have reasons.

I note I created this yesterday morning. And came back today and rejected. So am assuming autobot at work.

But no reason. Weird.....Anyone else see this before?


Bronte NSW




Stone bench along the gully in Bronte Park. Overlooking a pond, stream and wooded hills. Next to a small hidden cascading waterfall. Tranquil spot to relax, listen to the sounds of nature with running water and bird song. A place to stop and rest while walking the park trails.


55 Murray St, Bronte NSW 2024, Australia

Supplemental Information

Place to explore. Discover a hidden spot. With a unique bench for the area. Along the walking trail around Bronte Park. Hidden nature spot to discover the sounds of nature, listen to falling water, bird song and windy trees. Waterfall type is a cascade


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    Looks like something the automated filter wouldn't like, going off the picture alone.

    Did you check your email to see if it was an "our team" email like the below one?

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    It was a Decepticon not a Autobot.

    Sorry trying to make a joke there but I submitted 2 nominations yesterday 11/4/2023.

    and they were rejected in less than 24 hours.

    No reason at all. And no appeal button too.

    I followed all the rules. No cars. No people. Just the store fronts and a picture of the surrounding area.

    It's Niantic. There's the problem !

    I like the spot also.

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    That also sounds like the automated filter, rather than Niantic.

    The lack of appeal button is simply because you've used an appeal recently. You have to wait 30 days from the date of your last submitted appeal before you can submit another.

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    Thank you... @HankWolfman-PGO Yes word perfect on the email. :-)

    At @HaramDingo-ING yes that was what I thought. Too green and brown. And it is a delightful spot. For the walker/runner to get to. IT is not always quiet. The local dogs when being walked love a dip and the fresh water for a drink :-)

    @Optimus2863-PGO Decepticon it is with the AI filter

    I have appealed and provided evidence of site, its use as a meeting spot on local walks, listing on australian waterfall site and so on.

    Thank you all

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    edited November 18

    I appealed and it was rejected. I will nominate again

    In the mean time - a rant. So you can all tune out now :-)

    They tell me it is a common generic stone bench and remind me to learn up and what makes something worth while to nominate

    MA HA HA HA.

    Right because every park, every street has a 250Kilo granite stone bench. And every one one of these common benches sits in a park, next to a hidden waterfall in a city.

    It is the OBJECT that is place marking a space to explore. To get there you will be exercising.

    You make me review efffing state markers again and again and again and again. Even though you yourself Niantic said no. Your happy with signs that tell me where my dog can cr4p or cannot - you think entrance signs that have adverting signs for the shops in the mall are good to go.

    Trust me I would not go and look for a trail marker. I never needed to. I know how to read an effing map. But I would go and look for a place like this.

    Palm of hand slapping head. UGH

    Sorry not common - a regular stone bench. I don't know but part of says thats worse. It is not regular. Am fuming, red, apoplectic thumping of desk (ouch too hard). Not really but but - oh well breath, sigh. At least I will spend the day walking a national park, patrolling a beach at a remote spot, with zero mobile reception tomorrow. ahhhhhh

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    If you nominated it as a bench, Niantic would likely reject as being a "regular bench with no significance" - even if it passed the "nature is scary don't show me too much" AI filter. They don't do well with identifying scenic spots and picnic-type areas.

    One of my favorite visited spots was this portal, mostly because I could pronounce it because it wasn't in Icelandic, but also because I liked the spot and found the title quite matter-of-fact and not apologetic:,-21.935461&z=17&pll=64.120988,-21.938397

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    THanks for that @Shilfiell-ING the title was

    Bronte Park Gully Stone Bench

    I was actually using the bench as a placeholder. And it is actually fairly irregular. I have not seen any others around this area. It is certainly not common/regular.

    Unfortunately while it is a super fantastic nature/geographic spot with the waterful, nature, sounds etc. It is not the most scenic. But as an escape spot in the city to listen to the sounds of nature. Undertake exercise to get there. Unusual stone bench for the area. I thought it was a good one :-)

    More fool me :-)

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    You had me thinking. What would I list it under. Natural Space. Scenic lookout does not work. It is a rest stop I guess.

    Open Space - landscape

    Waterbody - Waterfall

    Problem is if I don't take a photo of the bench. Nature AI will have a field day (pardon the pun). So same photo. Do not use word bench. Use the waterbody/open space categories.. Hmmmm

    OK... will go again this week

  • rufoushumming-PGOrufoushumming-PGO Posts: 1,192 ✭✭✭✭✭

    So I renominated. Fixed up. New angle. Nominated not as a bench

    Queue this morning. Into review Auto reject immediately.

    I will go back down tomorrow morning and create again.

    This will be fun. Good that I can redo though - I spelt romantic wrong.

    If anyone is in the hood. Fab light exercise to get here. Great spot to discover. Great escape from city life.

    @Elijustrying-ING your good with ideas. What you got :-)

    "" The new submission that was rejected.

    Bronte Gully Rest Stop and Waterfall

    Bronte NSW




    Nestled on the Bronte Gully walking trail. This hidden rest stop sits next to the small Bronte waterfall. Set in Bronte park surrounded by bird song. The waterfall type is cascading. Once part of the Heritage listed Bronte House estate the spot was described by Georgina Lowe, circa 1846, a former owner that is was a "most romanitic spot".


    55 Murray St, Bronte NSW 2024, Australia

    Supplemental Information

    Place to explore. while excercising walking the Bronte Walking Track. Hidden waterfall in the city. Near Bronte Beach. Stone bench is used as Object to place hold the nomination.. Supporting information:- See second part of the Official Council PDF on waterfall It is part of organised walks such as AND

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    @Elijustrying-ING your good with ideas. What you got :-)


    It looks such a lovely spot - love this virtual tourism.

    Try taking out the word waterfall from the title ????

    Maybe start title with Brontë Gully Trail, Reststop?

    Or go the opposite way with something totally different

    Rest and be Calm

    Take a well earned break whilst walking the Brontë Gully trail. This is a unique place to sit back and forget the rest of the world and let the gentle waterfall wash away your stress. Your feet will appreciate a dip in the cool water and will soon be revived for the rest of the journey.

    How is that for a flight of fancy 😂

    Have you a picture from the opposite side? Does that look any better?

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    edited November 27

    When I said Tomorrow morning I meant tomorrow day in future when no rain

    @Elijustrying-ING Love it. Yes.. THANK YOU. Yes shouting intentional :-)

    I think half the problem is AI at play in the first instance. But then the First Appeal failed calling it a "regular" stone bench

    Yes I can take it from the other angle. And it will look down gully along footpath. But I will investigate how safe first :-)

    I will even include the TikTok Video that promotes it - some random on TikTok does places to visit videos :-)HIDDEN WATERFALL in Sydney’s East that you NEED to know about. What i... | TikTok

    I agree the virtual tourism is good. I think that is why I enjoyed the recent GB and Europe challenge. so cool to see other places and their nuances.

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    @rufoushumming-PGO , this is new. I've always been given reasons for rejection. Now, in late November, Niantic is not providing the reasons. So there's a bug in the works. I requested clarification on one I just got back today.

    Researching, writing up, and submitting nominations is something I used to take pride in several years ago. If I find a really impressive wayspot, I do the work and submit. I only do this about once every three months now instead of a few or more every week. It's so unrewarding to get some feedback. The "voters" are sketchy at best. I encourage you to take time to read a LOT of the threads in this general discussion forum. Some may be a year or more old. Still relevant.

    You'll get a good feel for the frustration of getting reviewers' asinine reasons for rejection, and will know that it's not personal--but it IS frustrating. You'll also perhaps save time and effort by knowing not to submit, for example, wayspots with people or license plates in the picture. Poor photos now carry more weight for rejections. Take time to get a great photo,

    There's more to say, but I'm weary of Niantic other than to check this forum out every 3 months. Best to you.

    Oh, and please remember to call them wayspots, never Pokestops. Niantic does more than PGO.

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    Ok that is weird. Errr never called them pokestops. But thank you ... If you saying that the use of the word spot is incorrect. Well hmmmmmmm interesting. Though in the second example the use of the word spot was to quote the original owner of the grounds from 1846 - not sure she meant Pokestop either. But interesting point.

    This rejection is probably based on the new AI at play and the appeal was either review AI or have a set of actual humans with really strict set of criteria to work off, with high KPI goals (x/h), and are not Niantic experienced. But who knows.

    You suggest my photo might be poor. What would you do in this case?

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