POIs in Cemeteries/Graveyards

Personally, I wouldn't want my tombstone to be turned into a Wayspot and have random people visiting my grave to hack a portal or catch some Pokemon. I heard there was a different thing if it was a celebrity's grave statue/sculpture but I don't think it's appropriate for random people. I would like to hear opinions, and clarification or reasoning that these Wayspots are a no or a yes. Whenever I receive Wayspots within a graveyard/cemetery, I see other ones already there so I'm just kind of confused. Let me know, thank you!


  • HankWolfman-PGOHankWolfman-PGO Posts: 4,256 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Cemeteries themselves are not meant to be wayspots, but certain things within cemeteries can be eligible.

    Gravestones of notable figures, the chapel/church/religious building, lychgates, war memorials, artwork (that isn't part of a gravestone) and nature trails are some of the things that can be accepted within a cemetery.

    When it comes to gravestones of notable figures, the submitter should provide enough information to explain why the person was notable. As an example, I recently had a gravestone of a Hollywood actor accepted. I made sure to provide links like their Wikipedia and IMDB pages, as well as explaining in the description what their most famous role was. If the gravestone isn't for anyone notable, it probably should be rejected as a sensitive location.

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    Remove and ineligible requirements outweigh the eligible requirements.

    Especially in the case of K-12, no matter how many eligible POIs exist, they will be removed.

    In the case of your active cemetery, it would depend on the situation.

    I also don't like the nomination of a gravestone of a famous person in a civilian cemetery that has been dead for over 50 years as a wayspot, even if it is eligible.

    Our game is a game that cannot be played without the tolerance of the general public, who have nothing to do with the game and are the majority.

    And the game is possible without one wayspot, because the game is still possible without one wayspot.

  • Iongdistances-PGOIongdistances-PGO Posts: 164 ✭✭✭

    Makes sense. The very few I've come across are works of art on graves with the names and such. I know that there is art like sculptures and other things, but good to know that those are acceptable. I just don't want to review incorrectly so your guys' help is much appreciated. Thank you!

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    I've had a few things accepted in my local cemetery

    A tombstone to a scottish boxing hall of famer

    A tombstone for a Scottish singer and actor in the 1930s (took 2 attempts admittedly)

    A tombstone to the founder of the boys brigade (whi was knighted), that was an appeal

    War memorial x2

    Memorial to miners tragically passed in a mining accident

    Memorial to proests who had operated in the area

    A stone with a Robert Burns poem engraved on it next to the church inside

    A Memorial bench accepted by niantic as it was a beautifully created one with angels on it

    And someone else managed to get rhe entrance accepted, dunno how.

    In the uk we tend to use Graveyards as places to walk and run for exercise, so we tend not to be as harsh when accepting things in them so long as they meet eligibility

  • Purptacular-PGOPurptacular-PGO Posts: 269 ✭✭✭✭

    I live in the US, so most of our cemeteries are active and young compared to the rest of the world. I generally approve war memorials, vet memorials, and flag retirement pits - all of which welcome random visitors - and I also approve what I consider to be historic cemeteries, those with graves dating back to the 1800s and no one buried within the last hundred years.

    I rarely vote in favor of individual gravestones. When I first started reviewing, Niantic's example of a "historical or significant community figure" was Elvis, which I think sets the bar pretty high. So, if I think that your gravestone is already a tourist attraction, I'll approve, but if not I am not likely to accept.

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