Appeal rejected for... "trying to sway and influence reviewers" ...?

Title of the Wayspot: LT & RW - Am Bergelchen - Radwanderwege Lahnau Tour & Römerweg

Location: 50.589217,8.545855

City: Lahnau

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: 


Appeal Text:

This submission should become a Wayspot because it meets the eligibility criterias "Hiking trails" and "Biking trails", which offer a great way for long term exercise and also exploration.

Trail signs/marker are no mass produced items as they can't be purchased, are solely set up by the towns tourist department and only exist on the paths themselves. The 2 pictograms on the signs mark the 2 trails which share a short path here.

Tree+River mark the 16km long "Lahnau Tour", which leads around the town Lahnau and the forest area.

The building marks the 14km long "Römerweg", which leads around the area where the Romans resided 2000 years ago, fulfilling an educational purpose by also leading through the Roman Forum.

Both lead past various exciting places to visit.

During the Wayfarer Criteria Challenge NianticTintino declared that trail markers are eligible Wayspots.

Niantic Giffard explained that markers without names are valid as long as they are on the trail, which is the case here.

Informations about the trails, with trail maps and sources being linked can be found here:

Explain to me where in

The Lahnau Tour & Römerweg cycle paths run here. The LT leads from Waldgirmes north to Bubenrob and from there south again to Atzbach and finally via Dorlar back to Waldgirmes. The RW leads from Waldgirmes to Dorlar, Atzbach and finally along the Lahn back to Waldgirmes.

and <--- Hiking map with pictograms & screenshots + source links to OSM hiking maps, .pdf for the Roman Trail and guide for the Lahnau Tour. Sign next to the hedge cannot be missed.

and on my photos is the reviewer influencing. Or behind my links...


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