Help! How can I make this more acceptable?

Hello all,

I’m new to Niantic wayfarer and I’ve just made my first submission but it has been rejected. I may have misjudged the eligibility of this submission so I ask you to please help me make the submission better or make a new one entirely.

To start off, my neighborhood doesn’t really have any landmarks, nearby parks, or anything really. It’s just a suburban neighborhood with no access to pokestops. Any player would have to go out of their way to get to the nearest pokestop, so I opted to nominate something on the street close to where a healthy amount of players live. See image below for example.

This multicolored fire hydrant is the only noteworthy piece around. I named it “Colorful Miniature Fire Hydrant” ( 41.0768281, -111.9906894 ).

The description reads:

“A small yet unique sight along the sidewalk path, one among the fenceline that marks the middle border of the nearby property line of houses from the public sidewalk.”

With the supplemental info reading:

“There are only a few multicolored hydrants unique to this area that are uniformely placed that can help guide a trainer around while also serving as a landmark. If a trainer sees one of these hydrants, they can know instantly where they are and help guide them through the friendly sidewalk path. This contribution marks the first one made for this area and will help many trainers find a familiar place to play.”

I also used the identifying tag of “Fire Hydrant”. Now I don’t know what I could have done better but I’ll take all the feedback that I can get. I’ve since appealed the rejection and am currently waiting on a decision. If it does get rejected again I’ll only have this post’s feedback to go off of the next time I make a submission. This area does not have any convenient pokestops and it would be awesome to have one in the neighborhood where we have none.


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