About the review process of the new version and your thoughts on using the UI interface

First of all, congratulations to the Wayfarer system for finally breaking away from the five-star rating. This allows many Wayfinders to finally stop worrying about each score. However, in the new system, it has caused many difficulties. The first one is that clicking "is not a duplicate" "candidate" is a troublesome thing, because if there are duplicates, we will directly select the Wayspot. The second one is because there are many Wayspots that are very general (Picture 1) and are not suitable to be Wayspots, but the previous Rejection criteria have now become Wayfinder’s nightmare, because you have to enter text frequently. Although you know that you want to enter the reason for rejection, it is actually not practical because no one will enter it seriously, and the position is too small. , then the third one is the necessity of reviewing the first and second items in the project. Because they are very similar, they should be merged. The last one is the expectation that the rejection criteria can be integrated. All current rejection criteria are scattered among four options, one must spend a lot of time looking for rejection criteria

What I think is the best way (see Picture 2)

I personally think that the previous scoring items can be directly changed to the current mode. In the first option, you can directly decide whether to become a Wayspot. This can easily determine whether the object is qualified for Wayspot, and the veto item of the name can Place it in the second column. When the name does not meet the qualifications, you can directly reject it instead of going back to the first item. The next three items can be social places, sports and exploration, history and culture, uniqueness, etc., and then The purpose is to check for duplication and correct positioning, thus completing the review of an object.

The above is a process that I personally think is relatively simple. Welcome to provide me with more opinions.


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    Since this area is meant to be about questions around criteria and interpretation of them you are unlikely to get responses about the way the review system works. If you post in the area for the new flow you may get more discussion and it is where the staff involved in the new interface will be looking.

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    One thing I would say about the “no duplicates” button is that what it actually means is you are saying you have actively checked it isn’t a duplicate. Rather than relying on to definitely check

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