And now I am reviewing incorrectly



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    Me either.

    I can't see how they can just one day turn all those Wayspots off like they do with sponsored poi.

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    It must also be pointed out that the case above from @cyndiepooh-ING (whose case had full ambassador backing and amplification) is the only one I've seen getting such a detailed and personalized response: others who received the infamous "educational email" and have voiced their concerns on this forum have had no such outreach.

    We're told to review holistically, subjectively, and using published criteria as our guidelines. We use opinions in these reviews as a matter of course. Opinions can always differ, of course, but an email saying "you're doing it wrong" doesn't change those opinions - it just strengthens my opinion, personally, that nothing I think or feel or document in my review comments matters in the least.

    And I'm sorry but Niantic's stance on Signs in general is very murky and unclear to reviewers. If the title says SIGN or LOGO, then that's what we should be reviewing - is the sign artistic, informative, and aid to exploration? Or is it a representative location pin for a separate qualified Wayspot like the plaza, restaurant, etc. that should be called out in the title and description as the true candidate? If I see a review for a sign with a title/description like "Sign for Store X" then what am I really reviewing, the sign or the store? And does the submitter have no responsibility whatsoever to explain why their candidate meets any criteria?

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    According to his email, Tintino didn't bother to read anything you wrote here and sent his email based only on what one ambassador and some Niantic staff told him.

    And then he ask for more context.

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    As the emails between @cyndiepooh-ING and @NianticTintino-ING make clear, we should all be appealing any rejections by the AI through Help Chat.

    The AI department deserves more than a stern talking-to, since it is using its judgement inappropriately. It rejects for a single, statistical purpose without regard for the total content or human value of a candidate.

    How many demerits can the AI chalk up before it is banned from reviewing?

    Is it reasonable for Niantic to employ not just a double, but a quadruple-standard?

    The Netherlands get strikes and bans even for real stuff accepted by the community years ago.

    FourSquare gets to bypass voting while meeting none of the criteria.

    Sentient beings receive threatening letters because they follow all criteria, including exercising their judgement as when reviewing.

    The AI is permitted to impose itself on nominations without truly considering the content. Who does it think it is?

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    Well, having Niantic standing by their decision that the offending nomination should have been approved is sending a very dangerous message. How many of those not-really-a-violation-but-educational-email can you receive before you get on the abuse ladder for real?

    Am I going to do any reviews again? Probably not. It's catch 22 here really, vote to reject generic restaurant - end up with educational email, vote to accept generic restaurant - probably lose an agreement or get an educational email for accepting coal. With the amount of generic cafes wayspots popping up around me, I'll probably run out of skips in less than 2 minutes.

    @HaramDingo-ING you know, this thread is one of the reasons why I don't review anymore, so I wouldn't have seen your nominations in voting anyway. I asked around both the PoGo and Ingress communities to see if anyone knew who reported you, turns out everyone would have liked to know but nobody knew. A direct apology for your incorrect attribute of blame in that thread would have been nice, but whatever, I know for a fact the only two abuse reports I've done this year were for the disc golf course holes and 2 fake wayspots out on someone's farm.

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