Lion's Head Hydrants

I've had over a dozen of these decorative hydrants accepted, but I cannot get this one in despite trying four times and appealing once (rejected because it was just a "generic hydrant"). Other rejection reasons are inconclusive or missing.

I think I've got a good reference and details about the object and its significance. I don't really understand what is wrong with it.. proposed wayspot is at

1930s Decorative Hydrant, Shelton


Not Accepted


Rejection Criteria

Title or description is inaccurate or offensive


Made by Glenfield and Kennedy of Kilmarnock, these elegant pieces of street furniture were installed in the 1930s to bring safe and clean drinking water to local villages, this one stands next to the village post box. Obsolete today, they can still be found in many North Bedfordshire villages if you look closely enough.


Shelton Rd, Huntingdon PE28 0NW, UK

Supplemental Information

Encourages exploration. Historical object, with safe public access. you can see that this one is next to a publicly accessible post box, it has safe pedestrian access and is on the public highway. These objects are almost always accepted as wayspots due to the historical interest. See for more info on this type of object.


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    Have you tried submitting with your support not showing the road at the side?

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    Well I would not use the word Hydrant (people will think fire hydrant and blocking it) either or Generic (this is a word used by reviewers to reject items as it is a key Niantic Rejection word).. Nor say it is on the public highway as that implies it is unsafe. Do not even say this in supplemental ""These objects are almost always accepted as wayspots due to the historical interest." as it implies sometimes they are not and some people will think you are trying to sway the reviewer.

    It is also more accurately a decommissioned utility structure. Don't say furniture as people will think seats/tables etc. Decommissioned will also come across better than obsolete.

    Focus on what it is. 1900's Village Drinking Water Pump

    IT is a Cast Iron Drinking Water Fountain or Water Pump

    The company history is that they invented the first method to accurately measure water usage/ So you can mention that too in the description. Last piece

    Also photo on same side showing less of road. as the26thDoctor said

    Very interesting item. Thank you for sharing.

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    Does anyone remember that not long ago I explained that in Spain is quite usual for a drinking fountain to be accepted?

    Ok, you can see in this OP one such example of the fountains that started it all. Here's one web that was created by people exploring around for them:

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    edited November 17


    To be honest, your interpretation of this nomination seems arbitrary and overly expansive.

    I don't see any interesting episodes in these wayspots except for the separate location information, which seems to be a common infrastructure.

    As a wise wayfinder, you should understand that it is not a POI just because it has been around for a long time.

    Well, if I had to name a Spanish water fountain that meets your requirements, I would say "La Fuente de Canaletas".

    Or is it called Font de Canaletes?

    I have never been to Spain, so I don't know the official name.

    Perhaps that is what I have here.,2.1701&z=17&pll=41.385277,2.1701

    There is a plaque on the street that says in Spanish "Drink the water from this fountain and you will love Barcelona and come back" and it is also a famous watering hole where supporters gather when FC Barcelona win.

    Given these episodes, it is a very interesting and good POI in terms of socializing and exploring.

    So if this Lion's Head watering hole also had a real, individual, and interesting episode, it would be worthy of approval, but in reality, it is a POI that can be approved or rejected depending on the situation.

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    Some good advice here, I will try to adjust the picture and wording.

    I didn't know that the hydrants were in Spain also, coverage in the UK is patchy because they were mostly installed by individual councils. Some of them are very well looked after, quite a lot less so.. not saying I am obsessed with them but...

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    If you have managed to get all those ones accepted it's just a matter of time to get any other one also accepted. Keep in mind that many reviewers will repeat the same evaluation if they see the same object nominated again, so if they reject this one know and 2 days later they see the same photo they won't even bother to read the description/supporting info. Let it wait a little.

    In this case I think that some overzealous reviewers might also state lack of safe pedestrian access as the road seems to lack a sidewalk and everybody knows that grass is lava.

    Have you checked if by any chance this hydrant is listed in those "graded buildings" things that you have around there?

  • Shritwod-INGShritwod-ING Posts: 74 ✭✭

    That's a good point about over-submitting, I have tried repeatedly to get the wayspot through and I think that could be one of the problems...

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