New gym location edit request by owner

Title of the Wayspot: First Church of the Open Bible

Location: 41.6145139, -93.6735944

City: [City] Des Moines

Country: [Country] United States of America

Screenshot of the Rejection Issue:

Additional information:

The owner of the church confronted my raid group in the top green circled parking area (only place to reach new gym - top blue circle). He addressed the issue of players parking in their entrance lane to take over / raid the gym & how it’s a now active problem. It was not a problem as a Pokestop as players simply spun the stop from the busy intersection (red arrows). This however became problematic after a 6th waypoint forced a new gym at their church. He said he doesn’t mind the PokeStop, but would like to have the gym moved to avoid future issues. We came up with a possible solution of switching the gym to the ‘Westmister Church Community Garden’ just south of their churches parking lot & making ‘First Church of the Open Bible’ back into a PokeStop.

New Proposed Gym Waypoint Title: Westmister Church Community Garden

New Gym Location: 41.6128249, -93.6735846

Photos to support your claim:

^ New proposed gym location with a less active public parking lot. if there is another place I should post this, could someone please link this form to that area? Thank you for any help and your consideration.



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