Proposal for new reviewing layout

Overall I like the way the new system works, but I find the layout annoying to work with. I propose these changes:

  1. The salient nomination info should be across the top. In other words, 3 columns for title/description, photo, and supporting info.
  2. While we're at it, please fix the supporting info box so it doesn't cut off every word at the end of the line. I posted the CSS code you need to use elsewhere, it's the overflow-wrap property.
  3. Next should be the eligibility criteria (currently the last 3 cards). But instead of thumbs up/down, it should be one card with 3 checkboxes, for each of Socialize/Exercise/Explore. So you can tick any or all of the boxes.
  4. On that same card, a button saying "None apply". In this case the review flow should end here.
  5. Next up the map/duplicate check. The "no duplicates" button should be at the left, not stuck all the way over on the right. (I know some people don't like the button at all, but as I said elsewhere I think it makes sense as a confirmation you actually did check.)
  6. Then the rest of the cards underneath, as they are now. I'm sure some wording can be clarified but that's not really the objective here, it's just about the layout.


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