Please help me to improve my reviewer rating


I’ve done close to 1,000 reviews since getting to a high enough level to start submitting and reviewing - but my rating dropped to “fair” and doesn’t seem to be improving.

When I started, I was definitely being too lenient I think - I would tend to give the benefit of the doubt to the submitter thinking they were genuine in their nomination and nominating in good faith.

When my rating dropped, I realised that must be the reason - so I started being a lot stricter. But I’m still not improving, and I want to be a good reviewer.

I appreciate you can’t see what I’m doing, but are there general tips you can give me? E.g. do people find they reject a lot on bad photos, because I generally don’t? Trail markers - I pretty much accept them all due to the guidelines seeming to say they should be, but perhaps I’m wrong?

Or is it that I have to answer every question the same as other reviewers to get an agreement?

I’m not sure how people can help me, but I’ll take any advice you can offer me as I genuinely do want to be a good reviewer.

I seem to have done ok on nominating, so I’m not terrible at understanding the guidelines!

Thanks in advance.



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    My recommendation is to skip any reviews that don't have an extremely clear yes or no... you're more likely to gain agreements when there's not much ambiguity. Also, if you didn't review for a long time and then started back up then just give it a few days and see if your rating improves on its own.

    Agreements are based on whether your overall vote is accept, reject, or duplicate, and whether that matches the consensus of reviewers. If you had to match every question then nobody would ever get agreements because there's too much room for judgement.

    My background for this answer: 33K reviews, I've been at the top rating for all but a few days of the seven years that I've been reviewing. The drops happened after I took some time off and then came back. In my stats the duplicate count is unnaturally low compared to someone who hasn't been reviewing as long because for a while there wasn't a stat for duplicate agreements.

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    Its based on the amount of reviews and the amount of agreements.. So if you did a lot of reviews in a short time span the agreements haven’t been keeping up therefore lowering your rating..

    It should go back to great within a couple of days if you quit reviewing (assuming you’re doing a reasonable “job”)

    I’d just ignore it and keep reviewing if you’re sure you’re doing a great job, it should fix itself within a couple of weeks.

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    Thank you both - there definitely could be some catching up to do as I’ve done several days this week with lots of reviews on each day due to system issues at work giving me some unexpected free time. Maybe that’s it for now, and those will help me to improve from before!

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    I’ve just read another thread and think I’ve realised what hasn’t helped - before the change to the new system, I had reviewed a lot of nominations. I don’t believe all of those were resolved before the change. From what I can tell, we’re not getting our agreement numbers changed to reflect that, so on someone like me who was fairly new to the system and likely had more than 50% of their reviews still awaiting outcomes, it’s going to be hard work to make that back.

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    Since you live in the U.K. there should be very little outstanding reviews. I am also based in U.K. - NW of England.

    The U.K. was covered in the Challenge at the start October. During that short but intense period most of the long term reviews were cleared out. I had a lot of agreements come through in a matter of hours even though I was not reviewing. So it is highly likely tgat the only outstanding ones will be ones done since then.

    Your normal review area is defined by S2 Level 6 cells (see pokemongohub for an explanation of PoGo and S2 cells)

    based on Oakham this is the area most of reviews should come from

    You will also get priority ones from the rest of the U.K.

    Take your time and do a few day and avoid (skip or take a break ) any from big cities they are likely to take time to resolve. Concentrate on doing a few and keep track of your upgrade wheel. For example do 3 priority ones. Check the next day for agreements if you get a couple, then do another 3 and so on. If you don’t get agreements wait another day and see if some come through. A couple of weeks like this should start to see your rating shift up.

    if you are focussing on priority area reviews and not getting agreements then you may be doing something wrong, so ask for help.

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    This is a massive help, thank you! I know I must have had over 50 agreements not reached at the switchover because I got a random upgrade granted when they “made good”. At the time I’d only done around 300-400 reviews in total, so to have had at least 50 outstanding would have an impact.

    How can you tell if a review is a priority review please?

    It looks like my problem is I’ll log on for hours at a time to do loads of reviews in a row, rather than just a few at a time!

  • SweetnSassy37-PGOSweetnSassy37-PGO Posts: 30 ✭✭

    Update - waiting a few days has worked - I’m back up to Good! It looks like I was just doing too many at a time.

    Thank you for the advice!

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 4,741 Ambassador

    Areas that are mostly rural tend to be prioritised. So those from outside the red box will be priority ones or if not close to big city inside the box eg Shropshire, Cotswolds, Fens.

    If you do a lot in one sitting it will take time for the agreements to trickle through. You can experiment by screenshot your profile before, do what you would consider a normal run through screenshot again. Then don’t review for quite a few days(about a week) but screenshot each day to see how the numbers change and the agreements flow.

    Once you get your status up to great doing batch reviews becomes less problematic.

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