Upgraded nominations seem to nearly always get declined

I’ve had 5 upgrades now, 4 of which have been declined. One of them I thought was 50/50 so I’ll accept that.

But the latest 2 in particular have baffled me. One was for a National Cycle Network trail marker (located on a footpath). It was in queue, I upgraded it, less than 30 mins later it was rejected (which makes me think it was an AI rejection rather than voters). The other happened last night. It was a local traditional sweet shop. The only sweet shop in our small town, independently owned, great place to gather and chat whilst you waited, home made fudge, ice creams, milkshakes, etc. I thought it would be a great nomination. It got rejected after a few hours of moving from in queue to upgraded voting - reason given was title or description is inaccurate or offensive. I have attached photos to see if anyone else thinks this rejection is bogus, or if I’ve blatantly missed something obvious!

I’m starting to wonder if pushing nominations into upgrade just isn’t worth it?



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