Description Edit - Acorn Trail Marker

Title of the Wayspot: Acorn Trail Marker

Location:,-118.472366 / 34.173456,-118.472366

City: Los Angeles

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Suggested edit:

(It should have been "A mass-produced trail marker, the kind THAT can be seen all along the Woodley Lake hiking trail")

Additional information: As I stated, this is not a unique marker. It can be seen along the trail in Woodley Lake park in several spots. Here's another wayspot with the same marker:

Here are several of them in one spot:

Here's one on the trail:

Here's one more:

And here's a whole lot of them in another area of the park:

Please implement my description that mentions it is a mass-produced object, because it clearly is.

Or you can just remove it, because mass-produced objects are not allowed according to guidelines. I am also not sure it can qualify as a trail marker, as it has no name, is in multiple spots where there is no trail, and the trail itself doesn't need markers as it's pretty clearly visible for anyone walking it.



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