Title Edit - Los Angeles Public Library Van Nuys Branch

Title of the Wayspot: Los Angeles Public Library Van Nuys Branch

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?pll=34.184817,-118.450639 / 34.184817,-118.450639

City: Los Angeles

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Suggested edit:

Additional information:

If you look on Street View, you can see that the building is now occupied by a law firm:

A brief search for the library returns this website - https://www.lapl.org/branches/van-nuys/history - which states that the library was originally in this location, but then it became too big and eventually moved to its current location at https://www.lapl.org/branches/van-nuys.

If you look up the law firm, you can find their website - https://iodlawyers.com/contact-us/ - which states they are at this address.

All this shows that it's not an acting library but rather a building where the library once was. At some point the building was placed on the list of historical monuments, as stated by the plaque which is the wayspot photo (if only the submitter could read and think and did some brief research):

Please rename this wayspot.



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