Can I appeal this again instead of "improving" it?

How am I supposed to further improve this submission? It has been rejected multiple times for nonsensical reasons and the appeal didn't help, despite agreeing implicitly that the nomination was worth of approval

This is by far not the first time it has happened to me and my friends, but clogging up the system with repeated appeals until one eventually gets accepted isn't the most practical solution.

Those suggestions don't help much either as I have already improved the nomination under every aspect, by maxing out the character limit for the description and including multiple supporting images like a signboard and the numerous awards this gelateria has won. I'll include those below so you can check the relevant information yourself:

"Deliziosa ed accogliente gelateria situata nel cuore del paese di [redacted], a pochi passi dalla storica villa [redacted]. Nonostante la sua recente apertura, avvenuta il 4 Luglio del 2016, i gelati prodotti da Francesco hanno saputo distinguersi per la tradizionale autenticità dei gusti selezionati, vincendo vari riconoscimenti tra cui il titolo di "Artista del Gelato" da parte della società Agrimontana, che come gusti da provare suggerisce specialmente la crema, il pistacchio e la stracciatella."

These type of rejections mostly seems to happen with local restaurants and historical shops, it's not that surprising... Many reviewers are still trying to find a way to reject stuff as generic businesses even after it has been made clear that these locations are significant to the community. And I suspect they are not even attempting to read the full description with detailed information, but it's not like I have much choice in changing the main photo to a different signboard since the shop is a lot more interesting from the inside.


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    Yes can appeal each nomination once, but you really might want to post the full nomination first to get some advice on how to improve it. Obviously, this is not a great place to exercise. It doesn’t appear to be a place where one can socialize, as a take out only shop with only a couple of chairs. That leaves explore. The challenge will be convincing others that this gelato/ice cream shop is really a great place to explore. It might well continue to be a tough sell to reviewers. But share your nomination details and see what the community can help with.

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    Oh, so the only option is to keep posting essentially the same nomination with minor differences in the supplemental information, until it randomly gets approved? This is obviously going to be a waste of upgrades and not the intended way as it slows down the queue, unless someone like @NianticLC can help revert the appeal decision.

    Despite one of the rejections happening before the updated review process, the actual criteria didn't change that much and I always included all relevant information. Exploration also refers to discovering new places, which is optimal for tourists and locals thanks to this gelato (completely different from ice cream) being officially recognized for its excellence and awards. And it's definitely a good place to socialize since it's a hotspot for the whole town, besides those few chairs there are also numerous public benches visible on the other side of the road.

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    For the one time I decide to follow the "official" advice and replace the supporting photo of the historical awards with the signboard as suggested, the nomination gets rejected for low cultural and historical significance... Which shouldn't even be a rejection criteria any more!

    As I understand, the new "exploration" criteria should have replaced both visual uniqueness and historical significance, since it can be interpreted as the value of a location according to the local community and how worth is it to go out of your way and explore your surroundings in order to discover a specific location. As I mentioned before, I even took the time to write that down in the additional info but that seems to confirm my suspicion that no one of the reviewers are reading that anyway.

    What should I do next to proceed with the appeal? Is there a better dedicated side of the forum or is my only option to take this upon the help chat within Wayfarer itself?

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    As mentioned above, post your full nomination so the community can help. It’s more useful to see the text you wrote in the description and supporting information. Regardless, these types of submissions are tough to get through and at some point you may just need to give up, but let the community help you with the text first.

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    I've already included the main and supporting photos, while the description was in the original post. I have nothing more to add besides the additional information, which is obviously in italian but feel free to translate it if needed.

    "La gelateria rappresenta sicuramente un ottimo luogo in cui è possibile socializzare e fare nuove conoscenze mentre si degusta un gelato in compagnia. L'artigianato possiede un elevato valore storico e culturale in quanto rappresenta una delle eccellenze alimentari italiane, riconosciuta attraverso vari premi per la sua qualità. Il luogo incentiva inoltre all'esplorazione e a svolgere attività fisica in quanto si trova in prossimità di una delle zone più frequentate del paese, tranquillamente raggiungibile in bici e a piedi attraverso la pista ciclopedonale adiacente, lungo cui sono situate varie panche pubbliche dove sedersi in compagnia a mangiare il gelato."

    Physical activity might be the weakest point, but it still has credit considering that the adjacent hiking and cycling trail is a somewhat important way to provide an alternative to car-centric infrastructure.

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    Do I need to repost this separately in the Invalid Wayspot Appeal category or is this enough to warrant an intervention? The nomination seems to have been caught up in the automatic filter, there are plenty of examples of this kind of appeal outcome being overturned

    @NianticLC @NianticAaron @NianticOren @NianticRN

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    Why not nominate the ice cream cone statue out front?

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    Also, have you checked to make sure it’s not in the lightship database? That’s usually what happens when you get “not culturally or historically “

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    Mass produced and would count as temporary since it sometimes it gets moved inside of the shop (also how it appears on Street View). But I definitely had similar rejections in the past with the exact sentence, mostly for restaurants and other historical businesses that eventually got randomly accepted through an appeal.

    The location is a lot more visually unique from the inside and in fact that's where the main signboard is. It's not that heavily advertised but there are always so many people forming a queue reaching outside, which would be one more reason for the shop to deserve to be accepted

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    Thanks for sharing this. I can provide some thoughts….just my perspective, I am a reviewer, so maybe others see what I see and hopefully it can help.

    First, it seems you’ve tried to make an argument for why this POI meets each of the three eligibility criteria. That’s not really necessary unless it actually does. This extended explanation may have hurt you a bit because some of it seems to be quite a stretch, like trying to tie it to a great place to exercise. I would drop that completely.

    In the first part of your supplementary information, you say that it is a good spot to socialize. Since you are likely having reviewers who are not familiar with the place or your town, you have to understand that we would judge this based on what we see. In this case, I see a small shop with no seating and two small chairs outside, so the evidence does not appear to support a great place to socialize. maybe people do buy ice cream then go gather at picnic tables across the street at a park but that would make the park a great place to socialize not the ice cream shop. I would recommend dropping this too because you’re having to compete with your photos.

    From my perspective, your strongest argument is a great place to explore because it is an award-winning ice cream shop. If you could add more about this element, that would be great, but for me, that alone is really the crux of the argument and what I would focus on alone.

    just thoughts from one community member/reviewer. Hope you may find some help in this and if not, no worries best of luck.

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