When a mural is no longer a mural

Title of the Wayspot: Girders at 100K

Location: 38.90303,-77.005001

City: Washington, DC

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

1) Map with portal (this view does not show the building that was erected in 2021!) [LINK Google Maps]

2) Satellite View with portal (showing the new building) [LINK Hybrid]

3) Google-Earth (ish) zoom (showing that there is no space between buildings [LINK]

4) Street View [LINK]

From the the vantage of L St NE, pointing due SOUTH. (Note the history and see Additional Comments below).

Additional information:

  1. I originally created this portal in 2019 when 100K was the only building on the block.
  2. As shown in photo #4, the mural was visible in July 2019 when there was nothing next door, but by October 2021, there was new construction that made this mural irrelevant.
  3. As shown in photo #3, there is no space between the buildings, making this public art work no longer public (if it exists at all!)



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