In my opinion, unjustified rejection of my appeal

jankrabbe-INGjankrabbe-ING Posts: 159 ✭✭✭

name of the nomination: Fahrrad- und Wanderrouten-Wegweiser am Schützenplatz

location: 52.320543,10.233588

additional informations:

reason why i think that rejection is wrong:

In my opinion, the guidelines were not violated in this photo. Due to the location, it is difficult not to have any cars in the picture, which is why the license plates were painted over. It may have been reworked, but in my opinion this is not so bad, as it only ensures that no license plates are visible. The overpainting is deliberately done in a color close to that of the cars so that it doesn't catch the eye. Since nothing has been changed on the object that is to become the wayspot, I think it should go through. The background is therefore not so important to reject a signpost whitener if there is no other reason.


  • Babarushki-PGOBabarushki-PGO Posts: 183 ✭✭✭

    @jankrabbe-ING I agree with you. You were diligent in following the rules and criteria, and submitted a useful wayspot. But, you know reviewers. Do they pay attention to the whited-out license plates? No. They don't.

    Perhaps resubmit by cropping the main picture so no license plates show. Something like this. Sometimes, when it's a busy location, I wait until a good number of the vehicles have cleared out of the parking lot. Maybe do that? Best to you! It's a good nomination

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