Appeal of rejected reports for cluster of invalid wayspots

Reported invalid wayspots:


Title of the Wayspot: Huma bhabha bronze statue

Location: 51.526215,-0.146543

City: London

Country: UK


Title of the Wayspot: Zak Ové

Location: 51.526821,-0.146991


Title of the Wayspot: Speaker's Corner

Location: 51.527065,-0.146491



Additional invalid wayspots in same cluster:


Title of the Wayspot: Celebrate Earth In Stone

Location: 51.526081,-0.146172


Title of the Wayspot: Dubito Ergo Cogito

Location: 51.5261,-0.146804


Title of the Wayspot: Hercules meets Galatea

Location: 51.52565,-0.146215


Title of the Wayspot: Sim and Birds

Location: 51.526505,-0.146332


Title of the Wayspot: Tunnel-Tell

Location: 51.526259,-0.146242


Title of the Wayspot: Vertical Plane me

Location: 51.526516,-0.146938



Screenshot of the Rejection Email:


Additional information:

These sculptures were all displayed temporarily as part of Frieze Sculpture 2019 (July 3 to October 6) or Frieze Sculpture 2022 (September 14 to November 13). The exhibitions are temporary and all sculptures are removed following the exhibitions.


2019 Sculptures:

Huma bhabha bronze statue (page includes proof of temporary exhibition dates)

Zak Ové (real title ‘Autonomous Morris’)

Celebrate Earth In Stone (real title ‘Solar Disc III’)


2022 Sculptures:

The 2022 sculptures are all listed at

Proof of 2022 exhibition dates:



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