Mail Boxes - Photo third part

Title of the Wayspot: Mail Boxes Etc

Location: 45.0058164,7.5382454,21

City: Orbassano

Country: Italy

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

Good morning @NianticAaron @NianticAustin-ING @NianticLC @NianticLingTing

I am contacting you regarding this rejected appeal for third-party photos. I honestly don't understand how you can reject something like that if the photo in question doesn't exist anywhere online as I took it personally. I am also attaching the screen of the gallery where I have circled the two photos used (main + support). Since I took the photos, why this rejection for a reason that is neither in heaven nor on earth? I hope you understand the discomfort and will change your mind.

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