Are any of these 4 valid? They got auto rejected.

I need help to try to get at least 1 of these through. In my opinion they are valid, as they all fall under the criteria “socialise” and have significance to the local area and to the locals. Maybe it’s my description, photos, something else, or they aren’t valid. I just want to hear thoughts. Also, keep in mind this is the first time I’ve ever tried submitting. I have submitted some statues as well that are currently “in queue”, but these were auto rejected. Thanks!

Black Wolf

Great place to practice singing skills with their karaoke

It is a great place to do karaoke or have some drinks with friends. It is the only bar on the street.

Art Coffee

Artsy and rustic cafe

People gather here for a nice cup of coffee and socialise

Soco Mart&Noodle

Little minimart that sets up tables at night for people to eat food and socialise

It’s a gathering place for the locals. Everybody socialises over a cup of noodles.

The Grumpy House

A cozy cafe and hostel for people to grab a cup of coffee and meet new people

It’s a cozy cafe located on a typical vietnamese street. It’s a great chance to meet new people.


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    No not really, sorry. First of all the restaurants you have nominated seem to be kinda generic. Try nominating a mural, plaque, etc. at the restaurant instead of the restaurant itself. Second of all your surrounding area photos seem to not have the nominated item in them. It is just the surrounding area. Alway have the nominated item in it, just at a different angle to prove it is there.

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    I would give the cafes a pass. You'd better to take the photo from outside and show the front of the building, or the interior.

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    Johaniiii03-PGO Thanks for asking and sharing.

    Some thoughts.

    Karaoke will probably fail. Many people will see as an adult only place. I know where I live most karaoke bars open till late and are 18 and over only. So they do not pass. The Mart / Noodle. Looks Generic business. Looks like any business on any street corner in any country. You have to work why it is a local significant place. That is not apparent here. I cannot see it moving.

    I assume these are all in Da Nang - so is this the Art Coffee Art coffee - Quán Cà Phê ( you mean. It should fly. Just take the right photos, correct description and so on. Cafes needs work because they are used. So I tend to get there early with few or no one around.

    The Grumpy House. Possible But you would need the inside photo of their seats and serving space. As a hostel it fails. And you would have to work the nomination very well. Like really well. The online information of this place shows how hard it will be :-)

    Overall though without seeing the whole nominations I cannot really comment. The information provided tells us very little to make any real judgement.

    Can you copy and paste the entire Art Coffee nomination with title photos, supporting information and address. As in copy and paste so I don't have to type the address (Yes I am lazy ) - NOTE. Because you are pasting an image the post will go into a queue for review. It will appear. Give it a day at most :-)

    And your statues. Share one of your statue nominations that failed (copy and paste) .. I would say - generally. If in a public accessible place like a park or street corner or in a library, in front of a hotel etc I see no reason why they fail. But need to see your examples to provide any real help

    I like cafes as nominations. I have only had one not get in. Even with the successful ones they needed work - I had to redo one about 6 times before I got it accepted. I used this forum. Took all the feedback And I fine tuned the photos, the description, the supporting information.

    When I started my rejection rate was way way way higher than acceptance. Even now I get rejections. And that is OK. As I get more acceptances :-)

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    Ok thanks for the insight.

    I thought the soco one was important as I see many people sit outside there at night eating and talking. All of them locals.

    I will remake the whole art cafe one and then resend it to you!

    For the hostel, do you actually mean take a picture of the inside? Like as the photo for the wayspot?

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    Soco one is interesting. But the photo you have is not inspiring. It looks like a corner shop. Anywhere. And is it in an area full of such places. If yes then what makes it different. Google search brings up a list of Soco Marts. What makes it special/different

    Why interesting? Niantic likes local community spaces. So if you can prove local importance as a place to eat then sure. But you will need to really really prove it. Your photo does not help. Or you take a photo of all tables etc so you prove it is a place to socialise. So focus on the Noodle cafe part.

    The cafe hostel. Yes inside. It will have a seating area. Maybe a wall with signs. Looking onto the serving area. With seating/table. Cafes are a place to socialise. If they have a sign for the cafe only on the outside that could be main with supporting photo of the inside. Remember you are having to convince the reviewer why it is eligible then why it should be acceptable.

    Reveiwers are all different. They see things differently. Just because similar POIS exist in the game does not mean yours will get in. Just because it is eligible does not mean it is acceptable either. Just because Niantic list categoris does not mean the POI is acceptable - it is just a way to categories something.

    So our roles as nominators is to make the reviewers job easy. Title, photos, description and supporting. Remember, depending on phone, you can submit later. Use this so when at home you can upload while on the contributions page. When you see it in your list. Put it on hold.Now you can edit text, add descriptions or links. Once you happy you can release hold. Also with photos. You can take outside of game. Work the photos, Get in 4x4 ration. edit photos so they pop. When you in game creating nominations you can add photo from your gallery

    Nothing I say will ensure your nomination is accepted. As I said I think only one will really fly. Listen to all the advice. Remember - it is only a game. Ask the questions. Take advice. Most people when they start don't succeed. It takes practice. :-)

    @Johaniiii03-PGO The statues. Love to know more. Do you have example photos.? What what about Pagodas, Temples, Parks, Picnic Shelters, sports courts (tennis, volleyball, football (even hotel courts)) surf towers, stuff on the beach promenade. Also Google Street view is not helpful. So if you can drop 360s/videos near you noms that may help so when people reviewer they can see it.. Note do not upload images. You don't want reviewers to see your photo from the nomination in google.

    Good luck

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    The hostel and the cafe would be good spots, but my input would to be to take pictures where a permanent sign is centered, not from an angle and in good lighting. The signs should be the main focus of the picture.

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