Accused of having copied a description, Niantic rejects all my proposals. Why ?

Good morning.

Sorry for my english, i use Google Translate.

I write this message with great anger and bitterness. I received this November 21, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. (French time) an email from Niantic, telling me that I am accused, after an internal investigation by their services, of having submitted candidates of Wayspots meeting Not to their criteria, and that following this violation, I would be sanctioned to learn from my mistakes.

As an example of a violation, the candidacy of a mini-golf is mentioned.

The context for them is that the candidacy does not meet their eligibility criteria, and that it contains a description drawn from a third-party source

Unless I am mistaken, a mini-golf is an ideal place to exercise, in addition to being outdoors for it, and to meet people (other players or just have fun with family ). My description does not come from a third source, I copied the information written on the panel at the reception of the mini-golf, being on site.

Besides, you can see the golf it right here:

I would really like to see this survey more closely, because I received 108 refusal emails in the space of 15 minutes, for requests for candidates of Wayspots (40) and requests for changes in locations, titles, securities, and descriptions.

Because a person at Niantic decided that I had copied the description of a website without even wondering if this site had not directly copied the information on site, I become faulty.

Besides, this is what I put in description of this mini-golf and that I was blamed for having stolen: "18-hole mini golf course open to all, located on the leisure center of Culoz and du Camping Le Colombier. Adapted equipment for children (different club sizes). Possibility to play at night from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. during the summer holidays."

And for this single description, I receive a warning, 40 emails refusal of proposal voted by Niantic, and I am likely to be permanently suspended.

It's normal for you @NianticGiffard ?

In my community, I am told that it is normal, that is Niantic, that they do what they want when they want.

I do not agree, it is not normal for a person from another country, from another continent, allows himself to delete in its entirety the requests of a person because according to an investigation he has mistake.

I make my requests on the spot, and that day I had taken the photo of the golf at 4:23 pm, the time to make a good description, I only offered it via Ingress that after about thirty minutes, It was not a copy and paste of a website.

I travel between two countries for work, I have to date added more than 600 Wayspots, I always do it the same way since 2018, and today I am deleted as if I had made a serious fault.

I ask for repair.



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