Location Edit Request: Waypoint in road (less than 5m)

Title of Waypoint: LittleFreePantry Blessing Box at Westminster Church

Current Location: 41.6112627, -93.6738187

Suggested Edit: 41.6112126, -93.6738153

City: Des Moines

Country: United States

Photos to support your claim:

[1st Photo]: As you can see, Franklin Ave was recently reconstructed from a 2 lane to a 4 lane road, this was so recent, the pipes & road building equipment still shows on google maps (as seen in 1st photo). Unfortunately, the mapping made me place it into Franklin Ave road, instead of the pin, which is in the actual location of the LittleFreePantry waypoint.

[2nd Photo]: This is proof of the current location being in the updated street from Wayfarer location point itself. The waypoint appears in the middle of the road. I would have requested it to be moved but it only got excepted after I used my monthly ‘appeal’ (as the waypoint still needed updated into google maps), so I only noticed once it was to late unfortunately. So now it’s updated into the street and not on the waypoint. Moving it even 3-5m south should place it on the sidewalk as seen in the pic below.

[3rd Photo]: While the waypoint is still usable from the safety of the sidewalk, it looks really bad sitting in the middle of the road. As this is not the actual location of the wayspot & it’s technically in a dangerous location (middle of the road), I would please ask that you move it 3-5m south below the road and on the other side of the sidewalk where the waypoint is actually located. I feared this happening with all the construction needed updated on the maps, but after lots of time using my ‘appeal’ to finally get to waypoint in-game, it’s now in the wrong spot in the middle of the road - my apologies for the misplacement. If someone from Niantic Wayfarer could please review this case thoroughly to help finally correct this waypoint once and for all, it would be most sincerely appreciated along with making the games a safer place - Thank you!



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