Why are duplexes considered single-family property?

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I submitted a duplex in a rural historic district, which was rejected for being a private residence or farm. I tried to resubmit it, but it got caught by the AI, so I appealed it. The appeal was rejected only 12 hours later because "[t]he nomination is on private single-family residential property."

I thought that a duplex would be acceptable, since it, by definition, is for two families, rather than one. Was there some clarification that I missed that makes duplexes unacceptable? What about triplexes? How many families have to be able to live in a building for it to no longer count as a single-family property?

And if duplexes are acceptable, is there any way to resubmit it without it getting immediately caught by the AI again?

Thanks in advance!

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    Without seeing the nomination I would say don't try again. I would say play it safe and try something else.

    The whole private residence thing is madness anyway. And bound up in legal arguements that may or may not have expired.

    And as a whole you will get lots of opinions.

    Steer clear and put your energy on something else. Seriously.

    If you still have questions.Then copy and Paste your rejected nomination here and ask what people think.

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    This is the US. So lord only knows your rules. But from what I can tell - even if a heritage listed building it is still used as a private residence. I think in America it can be up to a block of 4 private residences. Think a duplex split into 4. Unit upstairs, unit downstairs side by side. But please please be aware I am not an expert!!

    FYI - It varies all over the place not just US. So where I am - apartment flats are considered single private residences. Many Niantic players insist that American law is global. And many Niantic players leverage it get stuff approved irrespective of reality.

    It causes angst ;-) Nominators driven to nominate everything and to be the mostest (I think). And those going don't put a POI in my apartment block. Much fun ensues :-)

    I digress. Don't try it.. On private land. With what appears to be no pavement. And no public shared space. Save your energy for other more likely nominations :-)

    Others may have different opinions.

    Does the mile walk around the pond have signage? That sounds a good one.

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    The two units do have a shared space just inside the house, though I'm not sure how I would prove that (the company that owns it had an open house after it was renovated, and I walked through).

    The walk also doesn't have signage, since it's just following the roads (none of which have sidewalks lol). There's a cluster of POIs in one area, and then almost no others for the rest of the route, which is why I was hoping to get this specific one approved.

    The only things I have left that I could potentially submit are 1) another duplex, which belonged to a mill owner who was also in Connecticut’s House of Representatives; 2) an old mill tenement; 3) an unmarked park; and 4) an unmarked hiking trail around some old factory ruins.

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    Hello and welcome @TaakoLup-ING

    Duplex is a term rarely used here in the U.K. so I would like to hear USA perspective.

    I would interpret it as 2 properties with a shared wall or floor. In the U.K. we would term that a semidetached house or maisonette. Each half of a semi is considered a building in its own right so each is PRP. The same is true of a terrace in the U.K. Each individual house in the terrace is its own building.

    As @rufoushumming-PGO says what I have learnt in here, is that USA rules on property vary a lot.

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    You raise other questions about what else may be suitable.

    The tenement building might be possible if there is historical significance - links to relevant websites are good.

    The park might be a tough sell but it is possible again it’s all about making a good well evidenced nomination.

    The trail without any markers and the other duplex sound as though not possible.

    Do you want to post more about tenement or park so we can try to help?

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