We need more appeals to counter bad AI rejections

Just had another auto-rejection - a pub, but it had a lot of foliage on the outside so it was rejected in a few hours by your faulty AI.

The first, most obvious solution is to fix the shoddy AI. While it makes sense to nip some bad submissions in the bud to avoid wasting reviewers’ time, it’s way too over-aggressive. Some of the photos I've seen here could have been closer in to to object, but for many that’s not really possible.

The AI also doesn’t seem to take any context into account. It only looks at the photo and rejects for too much greenery, even if that submission is a park or a trail marker surrounded by nature.

Failing that, a second solution is to give us more appeals for auto-rejected wayspots. They don’t have to be manually reviewed by Niantic, they could just go back into the regular queue. Perhaps an extra one or two per month.

I know the concern would be that everyone just appeals everything and we’re back to where we started. But there has to be some middle ground, especially for people who have many accepted submissions.



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