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Under the new reviewing system, what is considered to be a 'Generic Business'? (And what is not)?


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    You shouldn't really have to worry about it, since Niantic had added lots of businesses and companies Wayspots in your country.

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    Generally you should reject business nominations that has no significance (i.e. not locally unique). Such businesses include (but not limited to):

    • Furniture stores
    • Tire recycling points
    • TV showrooms
    • Any kind of industries (granite/marble/glass/metal/plastic/electronics/etc./etc.)
    • Car/motorbike dealers
    • Jewellers
    • Parlours/Barbershops
    • Metro Pillars
    • Food stalls/canteens
    • ...and whatever companies with Pvt Ltd. in their title.

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    A generic business is a one that doesn't stand out from other businesses. That means that it is up to to the nominator to explain what makes it distinctive. If all they can tell me is that it is a "good place to eat or gather", then they are not telling me anything is unique about it.

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    ...except that's not really a case in India.

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    edited November 2023

    The India FourSquare import was paid for by TPC or Nintindo and should not be used as a standard on what is eligible like any other sponsorship program.

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    Because it comes at the same time as a big Pokemon push in India by TPC and Nintendo and the import only affects Pokemon GO, it is a very safe assumption that TPC and Nintendo paid for the FourSquare import to happen.

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    They are not separate entities though.

    X has shares in y who is a part owner of z who is a part owner of x. To say TPC or Nintendo paid for it makes no sense. How do you even know it was a 4sq import?

    Priscilla Campillo, Manager, Emerging Markets & Strategic Partnerships at Niantic, Nov 2022

    Our initial approach is to make our game more available with improvements. We added 5,00,000 PokéStops, which are points of interest to interact with our games in India. We have increased engagement from the Indian consumer. We’re also planning the rollout of Campfire, which is a platform integrated in our games, that can help players connect easily and organise meetups, raids and and local events in their communities. The new Pokémon and the content are available for Indian players as well as on-the-ground activations.

    Omar Tellez, VP of emerging markets, Niantiv, Nov 2023

    the company aims to make India among their top 5 markets globally while increasing the user base in the country 10 times in the next three years.

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    5,000,000 Where did they come from and frankly Data from someone else is not free.


    What @patsufredo-PGO said

    Two types of Generic

    McDonalds. Generic Fast Food Shop. And a Generic Chain - Or think of Reliance (they have 10,000 shops directly or under subsidaries in India) - Or Future Group. 2,000 stores key brand Big Bazaar.

    Joes Food Bar. Generic Burger Store. Not part of a chain but there are thousands of Fast food Bars. Think every grocery store on every street. Every pharmacy etc

    And if a local store. Selling something different. Then what makes it unique, different, interesting, worth visiting, one of kind special kinda place. 200 years old. Last shop selling. Only shop selling.

    When a claim is made for special, or heritage or interesting - if they have no evidence then back off. Supporting Evidence. Generally anything with a webpage. Not including a website for the place.

    Check supporting photos with main photos. If you cannot see the object in supporting photo in relationship to its surroundings then back off.

    So part of what a nominator must must do is convince the reviewer why it is eligible, why it is acceptable and why it should not be rejected. So it helps if you read - read and reread the criteria sections -- Niantic Wayfarer ( - I sometimes think the rejection and eligibility ones are the most important.

    And always err on the side of caution. I don't know. I click I don't know.

    Some handy hints

    Just because it has Eligibility does not mean it is acceptable. Having acceptability criteria does not mean it meets eligibility criteria.

    Just because a POI (another waypoint) exists in a game does not make your nomination OR the nomination your reviewing acceptable or eligible

    Take your time reviewing. Go to fast and too many you can hit a time out.

    And if in doubt at any time. copy the nomination and paste it here. With the title, text, supporting, images and address. The mob here are real good at offering advice. I find it better to learn than to keep just reviewing.

    Remember if you paste an embedded image it can take a while for Niantic to approve that post. So give it time to appear

    Good luck and welcome to the community!

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    There is some debate on what the word "Generic" means because of grammar.

    Some believe that the word generic applies to each word listed: meaning it applies to "generic chain" and so applies to any chain business that has tons of locations. Example: Mcdonalds

    Some believe that the word generic applies to first word listed: meaning it applies to any "Generic business" that has nothing to do with the 3 Criteria (Exercise, Gather, Explore). Example: A local furniture remodeling business

    The distinction makes a big difference in how people vote for Chains that do meet criteria. Most notably Chain Gyms (Powerhouse for example) and Chain Bowling Alleys. This is most obviously an issue with chains whose core business is exercising (1 criteria) on site. There was a developer post that suggested a Starbucks could be Gather Point is if was a central focus/gathering place in a small town/community

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