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Only a single edit gets reviewed at a time

Description of the issue: Ever since late September I've noticed a change in how contributions emails are handled, only receiving one acceptance or rejection even if multiple edits were originally sent.

At first I thought this meant that title and description edits could reach a decision separately, with one being approved sooner while the other was still in review but that doesn't seem to be the case. Firstly because I wouldn't expect such a big difference in timeframe even if edits can take up to a year, but mostly because I've had this happen to at least 10 different nominations and I've never received more than one email at a time.

This seems to affect photo contributions too, with only one being accepted even if 3-4 of comparable quality were added. The missing ones aren't rejected, they just disappear from my contributions without any confirmation if I need to add them again or if they are lost forever somewhere in the review process

Devices affected: Android I guess, but this also happened to other people in my community

Attachments: multiple instances of 2 or more emails being sent and only 1 coming back

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