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I dont understand what i have worded wrong for these 2 nominations, i have appealed one but is it worth just renominating or waiting to appeal the other? Have i just been hit by bad reviewers?


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    There's a bug that's been around since they switched to the new review system. That rejection reason is pretty much the only rejection reason that's being displayed, even though it's not been picked in most cases. You can likely ignore it, though that will mean you have no real idea what your nomination was actually rejected for.

    Also, you didn't actually post your nominations. Use the paperclip icon to attach them to your post if you want some help improving them. If you try to put them directly in using the photo button, they'll get sent for moderation.

    Edit: your pictures have now appeared. I reviewed both of these nominations (I'm also in Yorkshire for what it's worth) and recall that they were both duplicates.

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    Just so you know, the leg press is already in the database as a waypoint. Your nomination was likely rejected because it was a duplicate. The waypoint is probably not showing in your game because it’s just next to another waypoint, call the Victoria Park, balance beam, and they are both in the same level 17 cell.

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    Just to add to my edit to my comment above, here are both wayspots.

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    So the first one you have said is a duplicate clearly has a title ‘victoria park cross trainer’ and is a different piece of equipment. The leg press is the supporting photo.

    Then the welcome sign you have said is a duplicate is at the other side of the park, the new stop is surrounded by bushes and the current stop isnt.

    I did not know they had added a map to show stops in the location, but you are both wrong. I am trying to fill up the bigger cell to spawn a gym, and them pictures clearly show you have rushed the check of the nominations. The leg press is near the cross trainer and has a similar supporting photo to the cross trainer so can understand that.

    But the sign is literally 500m away is so how could you even get that was a duplicate 🤦‍♂️

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    When I was reviewing the cross trainer, the image on the right of my screenshot was showing as the photo for that wayspot on the check for duplicates map. I can obviously see now that I've looked it up after the fact that both the images are of different equipment, but during review you only see one image assigned to each wayspot on the check for duplicates map, and the image I saw assigned to the wayspot was the one on the right, which is a picture of the equipment you were submitting, hence why I marked it as a duplicate. I hope you can understand that? For reference, here's the image I got to see on the check for duplicates map in full:

    Given that this photo is on the wrong wayspot, it's likely that the leg press was previously rejected as a duplicate when it shouldn't have been, and now the leg press image gets shown to reviewers like me who see you trying to nominate the leg press, and thus we mark it as a duplicate again because the picture shows the same piece of equipment, simply because we don't have the ability to see the other image that in this case is the correct image of the cross trainer.

    I suggest for this instance that you go to the Wayspot Photo Appeals section of the forum, and ask for the photo of the leg press to be removed from the cross trainer so that it doesn't show it during the review process (if you're going to resubmit the leg press). That should prevent some confusion.

    As for the other wayspot, the check for duplicates map showed that sign. As both signs are proxies for the same area, and one already exists in the database, the other one is a duplicate of it.

  • Sorry if i have come across a bit rude, its just infuriating lol I need 6 more stops in each of the S20 cells for 2 more gyms.

    I see what you mean now by the leg press/cross trainer now, i will take your advice and ask for that photo to be removed before appealing/resubmitting.

    I have already appealed the other sign, but if it gets knocked back and i re submit it, what advice would you give to avoid this again? Just mention about them been different stops and the difference in photos, or maybe do a different title?

    Thank you

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    All of the fitness equipment that is clumped together should only be one POI, not each piece, so people may repeatedly mark as duplicate. Just like a playground, you don’t nominate the slide, the swing and the climbing bars, just the playground.

    As for the sign, same sign pointing to same place in same park is probably going to be marked as duplicate over and over.

  • I will not disagree on the fitness equipment, but people had already nominated select pieces, so i just took the incentive to nominate the rest. Nothing in the guidelines to say that isnt acceptable.

    Many parks have similar signs at all the entrances to there parks, and all of these have been accepted so there must be a way. Just because it the same looking sign, in the same park does not make it the same POI. Photo’s clearly show there in separate place’s as do the the supporting photo’s for both nominations. You cant just see a sign and go ‘oh yeah duplicate’ surely?

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    Sure, examples exist, maybe many, where both the individual pieces of fitness equipment and signs have been accepted. I am just saying, from what I’ve seen, you will likely continue to have these marked as duplicate for the reasons above. If you try enough times you might get enough reviews to accept, but it might take a while and the duplicate assessment is understandable…whether right or wrong.

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