• AScarletSabre-PGOAScarletSabre-PGO Posts: 741 ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's not a particularly good example of street art, I'm guess is why people rejected it. What's it supposed to mean? People may think it's temporary as somebody could come and clean it off. It looks like plain old graffiti at first glance and maybe on subsequent glances too.

  • spiesr-INGspiesr-ING Posts: 265 ✭✭✭✭

    If you want useful feedback you need to post the entirety of your submission, not just a picture. We need to see that the reviewers saw to properly judge.

    With just the picture I would say this looks more like a graffiti tag, which aren't eligible, than a legit mural.

  • Sugarstarzkill-PGOSugarstarzkill-PGO Posts: 437 ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's definitely not the worst street art I've seen- but does look like a graffiti tag more than a legal street mural. The issue is that things like this often get painted over. It's at least not a total eyesore, but a lot of cities will paint over this kind of thing, as its technically vandalism (making it temporary).

    But I agree seeing the whole nomination will allow people to give you more complete and accurate feedback.

  • AeriTheBOFH-PGOAeriTheBOFH-PGO Posts: 173 ✭✭✭

    Also what was the reject reason? Temporary? Or just simply not meeting criteria?

    If you can get over the temporary hurdle, for graffiti that's not really a mural, you need to sell it properly in the title/description/supporting statement. I had a similar style of graffiti art approved - that's just lines and some arrows, but it had a face in the middle. I thought the face in the middle looked like T-X from Terminator, so I called the Wayspot "Rise of the Machines" and it sailed through. Maybe stand back a bit and see if this graffiti has deeper meaning? Representing a chaotic path to Long Beach maybe?

  • danmue1-PGOdanmue1-PGO Posts: 17 ✭✭

    Thank you for your answers.

    I think now it was my title/description/supporting statement. 

    I submitted the wayspot 2019-06-10 and it was over one year in voting!

    At the time, I hadn't submitted the wayspots so well.

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