Excess drainage nomination

If i would add a Free Little Library poke stop at (33.3958100, -111.6790469) It would be on the concrete area but close to the street. Would it be accepted because it isn’t on private property and not on the street?


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    This thread will likely blow up because you hit on a very controversial topic, but I would bet your chances aren’t great. You will need to convince reviewers the placement is completely out of either home’s property.

    People argue where private residential property lines end. But from here and Google maps, it likes you’d be in someone’s front yard.

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    Here’s a better view on the alley. It leads to the golf course and hopefully this helps. Thanks for replying

  • Leedle95-PGOLeedle95-PGO Posts: 606 ✭✭✭✭

    That definitely helps. But placement will be key.

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    its in front of someones house it will be rejected the little free library is still owned by the person who owns the house its still their property even if it's by the street. think about it this way if they ever move away they would take it with them.

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    @bobbyarbizu-PGO Great question. And a goodie. This will be a no.

    This has no pedestrian walkway/pavement / sidwalk. So I think you will be very very hard pressed. I agree with @flatmatt-PGO that it looks like a drainage channel not a walkway.

    Regarding laws of access. That is very much dependent on where you are. And as for acceptance that will be down to your local reviewing community. It is gold mine here for much conversation. Outside of the US a LFL is generally a pass. and I know they pass muster in the US in some places. But just be very wary around it.

    Does the golfcourse provide anything? Private course? Or public land used partly as golf course? I had a look round on street view. And very little safe spaces for pedestrians any where! I am guessing the local cafes, playgrounds etc are all nominated.

    I know someone who put one up at the entrance to local park and one for his local cafe and they were successfully nominated.

    Good luck

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