Can a bridge be nominated to be a wayspot?


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    It's certainly not invalid, but you need to explain why it's a great place to explore (I don't think it would be a great place to socialise or exercise) to ensure people vote positively.

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    It sure can. Make sure in the supporting info to explain the unique aspects for it to be a POI. Do not try to kid yourself on it. We know internally if we are bullsh!tting (and in their case ; don't nominate bc it won't go thru )

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    This is what Niantic has said about bridges:

    What types of bridges are and aren’t eligible?

    In general, think about the specific bridge and whether it’s a clear and differentiable location for other players to find. Also, if a location is somehow important to the community, it would also be a good candidate. Our guidance for most locations is whether a location, structure, piece of art, etc. is important for exploration, promotes exercise or facilitates social connections. With regard to bridges generally, if it is accessible by foot and expected to be used as part of a named path or trail, it would meet criteria. Bridges that primarily serve cars and don’t have pedestrian access are not eligible.

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    By far, I prefer to accept permanent footbridges over insignificant trail mile markers or wood planks over a ditch. So, yes go ahead and feel free to accept this.

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    yes it looks like a footbridge that leads to a park so this should be fine

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