How Close Do Waystops Need to be To Real Life Object?

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I recently reported someone and they’re now using another account to report my stops, mostly that they’re at the wrong location causing several of them to be moved to the correct location.

I was under the impression the nomination could be close by to the object not necessarily at the exact location.

Is there a rule or guideline for this?

I want to make sure my nominations are meeting the guidelines to avoid getting into trouble.

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    The pin should be at the location of the real life object it represents.

    So, for a building, the pin should typically be at the main entrance to the building. For a sports field, it should be on a physical object that represents the sports field, whilst also not being on the field of play itself in an ideal situation. For a sign, it should be where the sign is, and so on.

    If things are off by a few metres because the satellite view makes it hard to accurately place the pin, that's fair enough and can be fixed later on with a location edit, but if you can clearly see the object on satellite view and you're deliberately not placing the pin on the object when it's obvious where it should be placed, that starts to look a bit like abuse.

    The location of the Wayspot should ideally represent the logical point of discovery for an object.

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    Thank you, I try to be as close as possible to the object itself or do the entrances of the building. My avatar has a tendency to randomly run around the map when I’m inside buildings, especially bigger buildings. I wonder if my GPS has trouble finding me at times which is weird because I’m using iPhone.

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