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Good morning folks

I've a Pilates Center that is owned by a single person (not a generic business at all) located in Portugal.

Here you can have private/group sessions for Normal Pilates, Floor Pilates, After-Birth Pilates and it's also declared as a center for physical improvement where the physical exercise is heavily promoted. I do not live in the premises but I do pass in front of it regularly but IMHO I think this is a valid POI. Promotes exercise, healthy lifestyle and even tho it's a business, it's not a generic business.

This center has Instagram, it's on google maps, lots of information about it online.

Any help to get this nomination approved or you guys actually think this should not be approved?


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    It should be approved. If it was rejected, just appeal it. Unless you get an appeal reviewer that doesn't know what they're doing, they will accept it and maybe an email will be sent to all reviewers who rejected it. Sadly that email will be to vague for those reviewers to learn anything from it.

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    I already submited 3 times and appealed once. Everytime it gets rejected.. I swear it's frustrating, I think it's an honest good POI and can't figure it out why

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    Looks like this Rejected because this is Generic Business. Make sure you need only one type Gym/Fitness.

    Tips : You can check type screach in Maps (Google Maps), if you found same type name, this is Generic Chain Business.

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    Can you say what rejection reason was given in the appeal email?

    There are plenty of examples in this forum that show wrong outcomes of appeals. There is even a thread here were someone got a warning email for rejecting a chain restaurant where a lot of people are agreeing with the rejection, but Niantic keeps insisting it is a good wayspot. Many reviewers have their standards too high.

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    Generic Business but I'm 100% sure it's not. Prior to that, I had Generic Business + Unsafe access (Those 2m wide sidewalks aren't safe enought xD )

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    Already did and even asked the owner. Only 1 center for now but she actually said business was going great and maybe 2nd semester 2024 she might expand (good for her :D )

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    I don't think @yohaneseric30-PGO means chain businesses. From what I understand they mean businesses of the same type in the local area. Other Pilates/Fitness businesses. While that view is probably closer to the truth than "chain = reject", I don't think there is such an overabundance of Pilates or Fitness locations in that area that this one would no longer be considered to meet criteria.

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    Generic means not just chain but also it is a generic business similar to many others not offering anything unique or special.

    So how does your nomination make this stand out as being different to any other pilates place chain or otherwise.

    I am not saying it is not worthy as a POI. I am just saying that is what they may mean by generic in this case.

    Ignore any rejection criteria that does not make sense. As sometimes people click the wrong thing. So ignore pedestrian access/unsafe access. Focus on the thing that makes most sense.

    I would say do not waste an appeal on it. But work the nomination appropriately

    Remember this is just a game. We chose to play. So if it gets frustrating. Take a breath :-) And breathe (just as this Pilates teacher would get us to do). Sometimes it does not make sense. People view nominations and review criteria differently to us. And they can have off days like us. Nothing is a slam dunk. Eligibility does mean acceptability. Acceptibility does not mean eligibility. Existing of POIs in the game does not make our nominations valid or those nominations we are reviewing valid.

    I took a huge step back. Nominated those that seem more likely to pass. Made sure I addressed the criteria and address all the different user types who may review. Success rate way up. Not always but way up. I have had to renominate multiple times and used these forums to great effect.

    Now. Would I nominate this. No. To me this is a hard sell. But it is your call.

    I am just saying if you do. Then put the new nomination on hold. Copy and Paste as in copy. Not screen shot. The entire nomination (title, description, location, photos and supporting info) And ask for help in Nomination Improvement. The best advice we can give is by seeing the nomination in full.

    PS with the new review process. I expect to see many more of these questions around Generic Business.

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    When you resubmit/re-appeal make sure you Supporting Info says something like this:

    "Pilates is a form of exercise. This business is being nominated under the on-site Exercise Criteria. If you read this link you will notice a post from Niantic-Gifford that says Gyms should be judged more like a Baseball Field than a restaurant. They make great places to exercise. Pilates places fall under that same logic as a place where people do exercise."

    This should be accepted, and those arguing otherwise are wrong. It is NOT generic, it is a place you Exercise.

    PS: I have used basically the same Quotation as my supplemental for a Gym, a Martial Arts Studio, and a Dance Studio. All of which were accepted. Yoga Studios, Pilates studios should all be under the same umbrella.... However, do remember the Banned List trumps the Eligible List. So if someone has a Yoga Studio as part of their House/Private Prop Rejection would still trump

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    Place to socialise and exercise. Criteria met. Should have been accepted. This generic business rubbish was removed from the rejection list yet it suddenly reappears and the people who like to reject anything are rubbing their hands with glee. Generic business shouldn’t even come into it if you have demonstrated that it encourages socialising and exercise. Generic business is reserved for McDonald’s who can pay for a sponsored stop.

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