Wayspot incorrectly marked as duplicate

Title of the Wayspot: Lääketieteellisen Tiedekunnan Kirjasto

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=65.008622,25.522007&z=17&pll=65.008622,25.522007

City: Oulu

Country: Finland

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support my claim:

Red highlight on incorrect duplicate image on existing wayspot

Photos that show waypoint outside the building

Photos show the new waypoint marked incorrectly as duplicate is inside the building

From floor-plan you can see library ( number 8) and entrance to building (below number 1). Waypoin image is taken from the door just outside room number 7.

Also from campus map you can see the separation of building entrance (door 7A) and library

Additional information: The initial portal is a info sign at the university entrance, and the new submission was a library inside the building. Current entrance sign does not state anything about the library (kirjasto).

Link to Kontinkangas campus map

Streetview from building entrance (note streetview id from 2011 and shows the old sign at entrance (as also can be seen from the exsiting wayspot image attached):




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