Can I edit my photo?

I made a nomination which I took with the HD camera on my phone, which Niantic seemed to have resized/pixelated badly and now it has been rejected because of this. Is there any way I can submit the photo in any other way? There's nothing wrong with the photo quality on my phone:


  • Gendgi-AmboGendgi-Ambo Posts: 2,715 Ambassador

    Was that your primary photo? Is that the photo saved to your phone or is that the photo that was used for the actual nomination?

    So... You can't change the image used on a nomination. I've noticed a few times that making a nomination in a low quality signal area I lose integrity of the photo. Maybe prepping the nomination on site but then finding a place with better signal or a Wi-Fi source when you submit could help out.

    In Ingress, you can actually make nominations from home pulling photos from your saved images, which helps substantially. Niantic Support has indicated this feature is on the radar for PoGO nominations, but no estimate on a timeline. There are third party apps you can use for Android devices to pull photos from your gallery in PoGO, but this isn't the place to discuss those.

    Next... If that is the file that ended up making its way into your nomination, it's possible it was rejected because the play area is out of focus. Walking all the way up to the fence line to the photo would get a better quality photo. I don't think it should have been rejected for that, but is a possibility.

    I hope that helps!

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