Little Wooden footbridge - keeps getting rejected

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Hi guys

I have had this rejected a couple of times. Recently as Fake. I know it is not the best footbridge in the world. But I kinda like it - as it is cute. I think it is a nice discovery piece to be a wayspot within the small public park.

Anyway across the two are these rejection reasons

1) Fake Nomination. That is a big abuse call in the new review process. Not happy!

2) Mis-matched (now twice) that hurts. I know where this is. I have walked across it many times. You go from Rose Bay Park to Point Piper Kayaks. It is 10m from the Rose Bay Park Sign. But if you are not a local local then how would you know.

3) Temporary or Seasonal Display. Yes OK. How? How is this old Footbridge Seasonal?

4) No Pedestrian Access. It is in the public park.

5) Natural Feature. It is a bridge. Or am I missing something

Any thoughts on what I can do to improve? Or is this a case of suck it up?

Thanking you ;-)

Rose Bay Beach Footbridge

Point Piper NSW



Rejection Criteria

Mismatched Location

Fake Nomination


Quaint Footbridge leading from Rose Bay Beach Park to Point Piper Kayak centre. Shady trees, picnic spots and beach.


Rose Bay Park, 592B New South Head Rd, Rose Bay NSW 2029, Australia

Supplemental Information

Place to explore. While wandering around the local park, beach or off to the Aquatic sports centre called Point Piper this Quaint unique little footbridge is an interesting object to discover


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    It’s hard to give advice when there’s nothing inherently wrong with the nomination. Maybe add that footbridges aid in exploration? Is there any way by using pictures or words to kind of describe where it is located so people know it is real? Like, look you can see (whatever) in the background of the picture?

  • rufoushumming-PGOrufoushumming-PGO Posts: 1,367 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @29andCounting-PGO It will be a challenge. It is one of those things that is so perfectly placed to make it harder. Oh hold on. Yes I think I could from the other side. But I think the angle of the bridge just does not help.

    I feel I need to take a whipper snipper down and clean it up. But not sure the council would be happy!

    Thank you!!

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    As bridges go, it's not very significant. It's a few bits of wood rather than something impressive, it doesn't seem to have a name in its own right or anything else that makes it an object worth exploring for. While objects like this do get accepted, they are going to be a hard sell.

    Assuming there's no photosphere, the next problem is confirming the location. I can't see it on Satellite View and the supporting photo doesn't show enough of the background to place it accurately. It looks like there's a boathouse and pier to the north which might work if you can include them in the background of the photo.

  • rufoushumming-PGOrufoushumming-PGO Posts: 1,367 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Shritwod-ING Absolutely not significant. But cute and in a nice space. As PGO player I know this will not get in game. But as a waypoint I think it works.

    You are right. I could take a photo looking more North and get the other small Pier and Marina in. But I will need to wait for council to nip down and do a clean up. Very very lush part of bay/park. Everything grows madly. Also due to the size of footbridge the angle has to be right!

    I will put this on the when time is right try again basket :-)

  • rufoushumming-PGOrufoushumming-PGO Posts: 1,367 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thank you for everyones thoughts

    I redid the nomination. Waitied till the LGA (Local Government Authority) had done their gardening. It made the footbridge look like a footbridge.

    All about that first impression. Get your photo right :-)

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 5,299 Ambassador

    its good that you have had more than 1 success recently.

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