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Automated waypoint rejection

Falcoix-PGOFalcoix-PGO Posts: 25 ✭✭
edited December 2023 in Report a Bug

Dear All, i am adding new possible waypoints now and then, doing this for a long time now. Most of them got accepted, i had ofc a learning curve ;)

Now this happened:

Thanks to christmas vacation i had some spare time and added 3 waypoint nominations via PGO in the last days which got declined all at once in a few minutes time frame tonight. All for the same reason: Not Meeting the acceptance criterias. No further reasons given. The rejection emails were also generic/all the same. This looks like an automatism for me which is not in balance with the time i invest to create good possible waypoints.

I am also sure that no acceptance criteria is violated and this is an incorrect decision.

Has someone else experienced the same? Is this AI or KI usage from Niantic? Where can this issue be adressed? Thank you

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