If a Poke Stop has more routes is it more likely to get turned into a Gym?

I know the oldest Pokestop in the Cell is most likely to be accepted but does anything affect it, for example the number of routes or spins?


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    It's not always the oldest Pokestop in L14 cells nor the Pokestop with most likes in their photos.

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    Many theories going on. Most likely the higher rated a stop is, either via likes or scans, the greater chance it has to become a Gym.

    Would be great if there was more transparency.

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    Photo likes used to be the main factor, but I think it's changed as Niantic didn't want people gaming the system.

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    Really I think it's just random. I've seen new wayspots turned into Gyms, even when there are other stops about.

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    From another source I no longer remember:

    Non-sponsored gyms are added at 2 POI, 6 POI, and 20 POI. The max number of natural gyms you'll ever get in a L14 cell is 3. Sponsored gyms can be added on top of that. But if any of the 3 in the cell are sponsored, that doesn't mean you can get a 4th natural gym. (This screwed me over in one of the Wills Park cells.)

    To flip any random stop to a gym, all you do is add a 2nd, 6th, or 20th POI in an open L17 cell. But I don't recommend that method. I like to be more thoughtful about which stops flip to gyms so that they are easily accessible to cars and pedestrians.

    We can determine which stop will flip to a gym, with a few exceptions.

    In the case of adding a 2nd POI to a cell, we can only force the existing stop to flip. There is no way to force the new POI to become the gym. It may flip randomly if the existing stop only has a single "point." But that's the best we can hope for.

    Gyms are determined by points on the stops. (For obvious reasons, the points on existing gyms make no difference.) 

    Points are:

    - 1 point per photo in PGO per stop

    - 1 point per thumb upvote per photo in PGO per stop

    So, LFL stop has 1 photo with 2 thumbs, that's 3 points. Gazebo has 2 photos with no thumb votes, that's 2 points.

    Points must be registered on the stop for 3 days prior to the new POI being added to the stop.

    How do you increase the points?

    - Add photos (not a quick or easy process)

    - Add thumbs up (the more common method)

     -- You can ask your locals to hit the thumbs up on each photo when they are near the stop

     -- You can send gifts from that stop to people on your friends list and ask them to tap through on the gift so they can see the photos to add thumbs up.

    You should periodically check back to see how many thumbs up your desired stop has acquired. You'll need to click through to the final photo page on all photos to do the math. 

    The big exception to this is that *some* stops may be so old that Ingress photos or thumbs still count for them. I don't know when the cut-off for that happened. But if there's a lot of photos and thumbs in Ingress, you may want to count those in your calculations and work to beat that number (added to the PGO points). I had to do that with one recently - we took the newer stop up to something like 35 points to get past all the old photos and votes in Ingress to get a gym in a better location.

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    Also pokestops that have showcases don’t turn into gyms.

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    Back again, it's random. I once submitted a nomination on L14 cell with 5 Wayspots already. After it was accepted, guess which one got promoted to Gym? My newly accepted Wayspot.

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