First submission was rejected, looking for feedback

Hi, I recently submitted my first contribution but it was rejected. The submission was the following:

It was a Star Statue/Figure in a children's park in the common areas of an apartment building. I understand that even though it is inside a private property, it should be ok because the building has over 80 apartments, and the pokestop/portal should still be accessible from the street outside.

As it is no longer possible to upload 360 images to Street View anymore, I uploaded the second image showing where the park (and the star statue) were in relation to the pool and street outside, cause the Google Maps satellite view only shows the pool (the palms cover the park).

I chose to highlight the star over the park to make the portal more unique, do you think I should appeal, or is it entirely wrong? regardless, as I said in the title, this is my first submission ever and I may have committed other mistakes I don't know about. Any feedback is welcomed and thanks in advance.


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