Scenic Lookout rejection. Looking for guidance on improvements

Northlake: Rainbow Fountain

Description: A mesmerizing spectacle that transcends the ordinary and transforms water into a symphony of light and color.

Supplemental Information: Please understand that the location is the combination of the "Scenic Lookout" and the 50 foot tall water fountain. The scenic lookout is located at an increased elevation to enhance the Fountain's ability to display a rainbow. The fountain itself is 50 feet tall and lights up at night. Every day around noon, a rainbow will appear at this very spot and will last for a couple of hours. The rainbow may be viewed all across the southern sphere, which faces the sun. Depending on the angle you are standing, the rainbow may appear anywhere from the base to the tip of the fountain, making the viewing angle very generous. The position of this fountain and the hiking trail path is absolutely perfect, and I am doing my best to convey the message. Hopefully I have been successful. Have a wonderful day! Thanks for taking your time to review this POI

Post Rejection:

I am here because this POI was rejected, but I am hoping to receive some guidance on how to improve the language to help get this POI approved.

I completely understand that this fountain itself is located in the water, therefore it does not have pedestrian access. Which was the main reason it was rejected. But my argument for this POI is that the fountain itself alone would not be so special if it wasn't for the fact it's a massively large fountain that produces rainbows everyday specifically at the Scenic Lookout location. So, I do personally believe that it is a valid submission because the Scenic Lookout does have pedestrian access.


  • MoogModular-INGMoogModular-ING Posts: 73 ✭✭✭

    It's a fountain that's normal for storm retention ponds to keep the water flowing. Something indicating a lookout towards it might help but it's a hard sell.

  • SeaprincessHNB-PGOSeaprincessHNB-PGO Posts: 1,540 Ambassador

    Lol, I just noticed that it calls the sprayer 50 feet tall. I doubt it is that tall. 50 feet is roughly 5 stories. That water is going up maybe 2 stories.

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