The KI rejected every single Trailmarker of a official Trail in my Area. They simple yellow circles made of metal. I also provided a link of the trail. Appeal was also rejected as non permanent. What can I do? Are trailmarker not eligable any more?



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    It has nothing to do with trailmarkers in general

    More to do with evidence the trail exists. The object here does not lend itself to being a trail marker. Some may say it is on the wrong side of the tree to the trail. The nail looks new. It is not nailed in correctly. It looks like my dogs name tag.

    Is there a website, more than one website that talks of the trail. With maps. You say it is there but you will need to really really work it. Often the websites talk to the markers that mark the trail so that would be a real help. Even with photos.

    I cannot comment on the nomination as you have not copied and pasted the whole nomination to clarify against.

    We may be able to provide better support if you can go do a web browser on a laptop/pc and copy and paste the nomination. That way we can auto translate, copy the address, click on the supporting link to check it out.

    Because if you really want an opinion right now - based on the evidence provided - this does not pass. But really to be sure we need that whole nomination.

    Oh and by the way are these images of one nomination or two? Because image two is not related to image one. Just saying

    Good luck

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