Location Edit Improvement - Add Note

I haven't had a single successful Location Edit improvement, probably due to the nature of their location being in the woodlands, providing absolutely no point of reference for reviewers. I think adding a note should be essential when providing information to reviewers on why the location is being adjusted. In the past when reviewing, I've noticed people submitting name changes as well as location changes, using the name field as their reason for changing the location and requesting that the name be left as is. Clearly, these are people trying to justify and explain the reasons for the change, especially in rural areas where the map isn't going to be of much help to anyone. I apologise if there has already been a thread or multiple threads on this in the past as I am rather new to this, but I'm just surprised there's no option to explain it, nor any options to appeal it much like you would a rejected Wayspot. I understand you can appeal it through the forums, it would just be nice to have a better chance by explaining it in a note.


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