How acceptable would be the distance between the place and the wayspot?

I live in a small town that recently added a new "postal card" for the town, which is right next to a square, and both kinda share the same cell in PoGo, I just want to be sure if it would be acceptable to make 2 nominations, one being the big "I <3 city" sign (circled in red in the image) and the other being the church square itself, but the postal card being more into the "middle" of the street (it would technically be in those trees to the left, which is also a sidewalk, not into the street itself)

Thank you!


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    The only acceptable locations for a wayspot are on the physical object being submitted or on a physical.object representing the submission (like a sign for a business). Intentionally misplacing the pin any distance away from the object is considered abuse.

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    Thanks for the clarification! I'll see which of the 2 possible POIs I would add then =]

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    Need to correct your first sentence a bit. There is an exception. Sports Fields the pin is supposed to be place to not interfere with playing the game. This often does require placing the pin slightly off the field of play.

    Your spot on... the issue comes down to the word intentional though. While its clear in this case, when people are reviewing we don't see "Lines" soo can't tell if there is any motivation to make an intentional error. The most common error I see when reviewing is a person who forgot to move the pin, and the pin is at the photo taker's location rather than object location

    One grey area though is placing a pin for game board purposes, but accurately. IE Larger nominations like a whole church, or sports field could have large "accurate" possibilities. A pin for a church could be dead center of the church or its front door.

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    And now I came back here because one of my nominations was rejected because of "incompatible location" since the pin was on the middle of the church and I want to be sure if that rejection was correct or if I should wait until I can appeal to Niantic, since following the logic of objects I put the pin on the object, technically speaking lol

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    @joemirf-PGO Google streetview is not your friend.

    It is 11 years out of date, and at the Red Cross on the satelitte view there is an old building with the same church name. Clearly big changes have happened. Although you know this, the reviewers don’t hence the reasons for the rejection- the wayfinders were confused.

    Did your supplementary photo contain a building or street name that would appear on streetview so that reviewers could verify the location. Or is there a upto date website you could give that would help. You would then need to ensure you explained this in the supplementary info.

    Not worth appealing, you need to rework.

    As there is little submitted in this place you are likely to repeatedly have this issue so it will be worth getting this sorted.

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    Ohhhh I see it now

    Yeah that might be a big issue then, because the avenue changed almost entirely in 11 years lmao

    I'll try to re-do the whole nomination but with a better supporting image (My image was just showing the whole church but more zoomed out), I didn't thought that street view would be that late in updating, considering that some streets more to the south were updated to 2022

    But is it okay to keep the pin in the center of the church, right?

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    I prefer to place my pins at the entrance but nothing wrong in putting it in the middle as it is clearly on the building. You may find that it gets moved to the entrance during review.

    It looks like the monument nearby needs moving as currently it is in the road so you could also sort that out.

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    Yeah this part of the town is... weird lol but I'll do a location edit request since there's a lot of points like that currently

    A lot of POIs in the road, or doesn't even exist anymore or had wrong names, it's going to take a lot of time to fix all of that

    Also the area in the front of the church is going to be a square + bus terminal (the prefecture demolished the prison and put the foundations of the terminal), so is it okay to "think ahead in the future" and plan the next spots already thinking that these 2 could be added when everything is finished? I'm not sure if other players are also doing contributions nearby so I'm basically just planning things and adding spots as accurate as they can be

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    Hi …absolutely plan ahead. I live near an area that will soon have new potential POI and I am looking ahead and thinking about what might be possible.

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