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    Hello and Welcome@Whippitstutte-PGO

    The first question is are you level 37? That’s the level to access Wayfarer.

    There is a lot to learn so do ask questions.

    Although the impression you are given when you submit something is that you are submitting to be a pokestop the reality is that you are submitting something with the potential to be a pokestop.

    Once your nomination is approved, it is accepted into the Lightship database - this holds all approved wayspots and is separate from all Niantic games. That is the end point of wayfarer, and what happens next is not related to wayfarer.

    Each game sets its own rules as to what it will take from the database to use in that particular game.

    For Pokémon Go the rules revolve around the use of some mapping software commonly referred to as S2 cells it  breaks down the surface into smaller and smaller cells - each size is referred to as level and a number. 

    Google: S2 cells and Pokémon Go - Pokémongohub  has a very good explanation.

    The key is that in PoGo it only accepts 1 wayspot in each Level 17 cell, so if there is already a pokestop or gym in the game in that cell, yours will not be selected to enter Pokémon Go. When you are submitting in Pokémon Go when it comes to a map screen ensure that you toggle the button near the bottom on in order to show nearby wayspots. These may not have met the rules for Pokemon Go and you might find that what you are about to submit is already a wayspot.

    Read the advice in this post about how to make a good nomination

    Top Mistakes Made When Nominating Wayspots, and Tips To Avoid Them

    Glawhantojar-PGOMar 17, 2023

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