Wasn't even given an appeal on this.

Hi all,

I've been trying to get this site through and getting a bit sick of the whole system now.the building I'm trying to get passed is a place locally known as the Factory. It is currently owned by McHales Farm Machinery.

The reason for it being know as The Factory is due to the fact it once employed many locals as it was a Wool packing factory for many years. Before this it actually served as the local parish church (even the old statues were in a back room of the building for many years. It was then taken over as a car repair garage as McNamara's, who are a well known family from our local town and who trained many mechanics over the years. It then was Athenry motor centre for acouple of years until being bought by McHales.

McHales are a well known name in Farm Machinery Manufacturing. But they sell mainly through agents with only a handful of direct sales and parts locations.

They hold several open day's nights throughout the year showing of new equipment developments by themselves and other agricultural companies where enthusiasts and the general public are welcome to come and explore.

It is on the history of the site, exploration and it's significance to the local community that I entered it but I made the mistake of using the main sign on my 1st submission (which was the 1st wayspot I've actually entered) it was rejected originally on unsafe access grounds, which to be honest is complete rubbish as the entire site is surrounded by a public footpath which leads to a housing estate located further behind the building itself and children play here safely daily.

The other reason that was given was it is a generic business which I again disagree with as McHales are not a shop in general they are a manufacturer and this is 1 of a very small number of actual sales sites they have.

I appealed this and then got turned down on the fact that I used the main sign which is in the most accessible location because it was a sign.

I was advised to resubmit it which I did using a picture of the actual building instead and a wide angle of the entire area. This time it didn't even get into voting and was immediately rejected as not accepted without any reason or any way to appeal.

Now I am seeing absolutely rubbish wayspots getting through, with no history, nothing behind them (namely the names of every housing estate In certain areas and it is really frustrating to have a site with an interesting history and back story, which is a place to explore if you have an interest in machinery or farming and is culturally significant to the local community and is a well known waypoint if you are arranging to meet someone.

Any advice on how to get this passed would be appreciated. I is along a well used route, as I said earlier, is in a safe location surrounded by a public footpath. Where the stop would be located would be accessible day and night and is in a well lit area.


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    But…if you really want to try it again. You’ll have to take a new picture. Somehow the system knows if a nomination has already been denied and if it uses the same picture it will automatically reject. For your description, use exactly what you have written here. All the explanations as to why it’s a good nomination. Leave out the part about “an additional stop in the area” . That’s unnecessary and there are other games besides Pokémon.

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    The pictures I submitted were actually fresh. The building itself unfortunately isn't a stone brick build. It goes back a long way but was a straightforward RSJ and block build as it's original purpose was to be a factory until the local priest needed a church while they built the Church of the Assumption that is now the main parish church.

    It's really annoying as I can use a dumb stone estate name plaque in the same area but there is no cultural significance to that. The pictures on the original Submission would have been clearer but as I said I made the mistake of thinking the most prominent sign at the front of the building would make it easier to find and when I appealed it got rejected on the basis it was a sign(ignoring the fact that it was the site and not the sign I was submitting) taught changing the photo would help but no. Like it falls into a few categories including a good place to socialise and explore and their is history to the site.

    Looks like I'll have to go with the dumb stone sign with no significance whatsoever but which is a lot more likely to be passed based on what I have seen when reviewing. Really disheartening but at least people might still get to enjoy the site without it getting it's own wayspot. :-(

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    I appreciate your feedback though. Apologies I forgot to put that in before I hit post on the reply.👍

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    Sorry, I've been to Galway. This is not a place to explore in that fabulous town/county. Galway is chock full of legitimately interesting places. This isn't one of them.

    There's an archery club almost across the street, go nominate that.

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    Also, it's not like there's no POI around here. There's a lot.

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    Sea princess, you obviously have passed through the town and are not actually from the town or you would know that the so called archery club was located in a school which is prohibited as a poi and that that the school is now a blank space as it has been demolished to the ground and no longer exists on that site. It is now located on the complete opposite side of town.

    I was born and raised on this street which is why I actually know the area and history of the area. As per guidelines it is a locally significant site

    As for POIs there is 2 along the entire length of Caheroyan road. Which is one of the oldest areas in the town.

    But I appreciate your input.

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    Hello @CountKnick-PGO

    As others have said this is a difficult one. There is a great story there about a humble building. And I know that in a farming based community places like this have a specific status.

    Is there any chance (good publicity 😀) that you could talk to McHales and ask about an information board that be installed to celebrate the history of the building? Or maybe something educational about farming locally that could be of interest to the kids of farmers that visit? Could be a plaque inside - a talking point. Maybe there might be some old photos with the building in it.

    there might be something at this website, or you might be able to contact someone who could help?

    In otherwords a way to draw out its significance in a different way.

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    Try nominating this as a signless park.

    The name of the road it runs along is Caheroyan Park, so that's what I would name it. It's clearly set aside to be an open park area for those houses and maybe the whole town.

    There's also a sports complex down the road where people study martial arts. Those are great places to exercise. Senshin Sports Centre.

    I see a lot of those open park areas you could try to submit all around.

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    @Elijustrying-ING that is actually not a bad idea about an information board on the history of the site and something that might be doable in conjunction with the current owners and the local heritage council.

    They currently hold open days/nights on site where they do show off new machinery made by themselves and other manufacturers and it is normally full of kids with there parents which is partly of the reason I taught it would get through in the beginning.

    It also gets a lot of Enthusiast traffic especially in the summer months as they do have so monster machinery on site for different seasons, like Silage & Hay Cutting machinery (Which the specialized in) the ATV and other equipment. I'm not from a farming background but even I would stop to look at some of the stuff the have there from time to time

    Thank you for the suggestion. It has actually made me think about something we are clearly lacking in a heritage town that these build do not form part of a heritage trail.

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    @SeaprincessHNB-PGO that is not a bad idea as myself and others would actually use that green area as a kind of end point if we do the route out from town.

    I've taught about Senshin but I'm a little reluctant to enter it as it's location is not in a great area safety wise. It is at the end of a dangerous bridge. I must actually take a spin out as I haven't been out that side of town for a while. I know they were doing remedial work and meant to install a public footpath and lighting so it might actually be an option now.

    My plan is to try work out like spokes on a wheel as there are a multitude of poi's in the town centre but nothing leading out the numerous roads which is a disappointment if you want to explore the area.

    Thank you for your suggestions I will look into them both

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